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Staff/Faculty ID
Professor Albrecht
Portrayed by: David St James
First appearance: "Curriculum Unavailable"
Last appearance: "Ladders"
Department: Misc
Position: Ladders Professor


“ "Ladders"!
— Professor Albrecht, "Curriculum Unavailable".

S06E01-Albrecht with beer
Professor Albrecht.
Professor Albrecht is a teacher at Greendale Community College who instructs the "Ladders" class at the school. He exudes an aura of respectability and gravitas due to his outward professional appearance. However, this contrasts with his personality as he possesses a certain amount of showmanship and does not seem to take things very seriously. This has made his course one of the most popular ones on campus. His first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Curriculum Unavailable".

Character history[]

Season Three[]

During the 2013 Fall semester year at Greendale, the study group was expelled by the school board after being blamed for instigating a riot in the Cafeteria. Abed Nadir believed a conspiracy was behind what happened but he was caught during an investigation on school grounds. To avoid being incarcerated he was ordered to visit a psychiatrist named Dr. Heidi. He was joined by the study group for his session where they all discussed the surreal campus life at Greendale. One of the topics mentioned was the various bizarre classes taught there. Professor Albrecht's class "Ladders" was mentioned. Albrecht treated the subject with all seriousness, as did his students, who gave him a round of applause just for seeing him introduce the course and demonstrate how to use a ladder ("Curriculum Unavailable").

CA ladders class
Welcome to Ladders!

Season Six[]

During the 2014 Fall semester at Greendale, a new adminstrative consultant named Frankie Dart was hired to help the school. She got rid of extraneous class subjects such as Professor Albrecht's "Ladders" course and also banned alcohol on campus. Jeff, Britta, and Annie from the "Save Greendale Committee" rebelled against her policies and she was chased out of school. They overturned her edicts and Professor Albrecht was allowed to teach "Ladders" again. He returned to the cheers of his students in a very drunk state. Despite this he climbed the ladder set up at the front of the class and almost made it to the top rung. However, due to his inebriated state he stumbled and both he and the ladder he was on fell into the students seated in the front row. This included Annie who declared her neck injury was worth it to see Albrecht climb the ladder ("Ladders").

6x1 Ladders class
Who wants to see the Ladders professor go higher!