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Student ID
Quendra 4
Portrayed by: Marcy McCusker
First appearance: "Asian Population Studies"
Last appearance: "Advanced Introduction to Finality"
Date of birth: UNKNOWN
Major: Q fetish
Occupation: STUDENT

My name is Quendra, and I spell it with a QU.
— Quendra, "Asian Population Studies".


Quendra first appears as Jeff's handpicked candidate for a new member of the study group. Although very pretty, she doesn't appear to be all that bright. Little is else known about her except for the fact that she prefers spelling things with a hard "K" sound with the letter "Q" instead. Her first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Asian Population Studies". She is portrayed by actress Marcy McCusker.

Quaracter history[]

Season Two[]

In the Study Group's second year at Greendale, Annie nominates her latest crush Rich to become the newest member of the study group. Jeff's jealousy as well as his hatred of Rich causes him to try prevent it from happening. Sensing his real motivations, Annie suggests that they throw a mixer where everyone can bring a potential nominee. They will then choose the new member at the end of the party. Jeff selects Quendra to be his candidate, hoping that her attractiveness will appeal to the male study group members. Despite the obvious coaching he did ahead of time to prepare her, she wasn't ready for Pierce. He demeans her with an indecent proposal, and she leaves in a huff. A very desperate Jeff ends up having to substitute her with Chang as his nomination to the study group ("Asian Population Studies").

Very QUte.
Later in the year, she is seen fighting alongside the other Greendale students against the invading City College paintball troopers. She is a member of Jeff's squad of students and participates in the attack run to capture the paintball machine gun. Jeff tries to inspire her with a speech but ends up getting shot immediately afterwards. Not long after, she is eliminated as well. After Pierce wins the paintball game for Greendale, Quendra can be seen with Vicki, Garrett, Magnitude and Star-Burns celebrating the victory ("For A Few Paintballs More").

Taking QUover with a QU
Taking Quover with a QU.

Season Three[]

In the Study Group's third year at Greendale, Star-Burns is being pursued by Troy and Abed who believe he had something to do with the sabotage of the study group's lab project. Star-Burns begs Quendra to quiss him so he can hide from them; she vehemently refuses. Disgusted at his offer, she quickly walks away, leaving Star-Burns to face Trobed alone and thoroughly rejequted with a "QU."

Rejequted with a Q and U
Star-Burns is rejequted with a Q and a U.

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale Quendra was mentioned by Annie as being a teacher's assistant for their history Professor Noel Cornwallis. Shirley questions the relationship given Cornwallis' past indiscretions with college coeds ("Intro to Knots"). Quendra later attends a special gathering honoring Jeff Winger who was graduating early that year. His friends in the study group were throwing a special wedding themed ceremony for him in Group Study Room F to mark the occasion. The study group was seated in the grooms section while Quendra was seated in the "brides" section alongside Todd, Leonard, Neil, Vicki, Garrett and Magnitude ("Advanced Introduction to Finality").

The bridal guests for Jeff's graduation
Quendra attends Jeff's graduation.


"Asian Population Studies"

Are you Abed? I love Star Wars.Quendra
That's Troy.Jeff
I love footballs.Quendra
I spell kettle corn with a QU.Quendra
Well don't!Jeff

"For A Few Paintballs More"

That gun is too powerful! I'm scared!Quendra
Quendra with a QU, they can kill most of us but as long as none of us give up one of us will get through, understand?Jeff
CH-A-A-A-A-A-A-R...[gets shoot]...well I'm out, we lost.Jeff

"Basic Lupine Urology"

Kiss me!Star-Burns
WHAT? NO!Quendra
Kiss me, I'll explain later!Star-Burns
The explanantion isn't the issue!Quendra