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Staff/Faculty ID
Portrayed by: Leslie Simms
First appearance: "Repilot"
Last appearance: "Basic Email Security"
Occupation: Administrative assistant


Is there another "Mask" movie coming out?
— Rhonda, "Basic Email Security".

Rhonda portrayed by Leslie Simms.
Rhonda is an administrative assistant at Greendale Community College and works alongside Dean Craig Pelton in the school's administrations office. She has a no-nonsense attitude which sometimes clashes with Pelton as he often annoys her with his unprofessional antics. Her first appearance was in the Season Five episode "Repilot". She is portrayed by actress Leslie Simms.

Character history[]

Season Five[]

In 2014, Rhonda was working at Greendale Community College. At the time the school was being sued by a former student named Marvin Humphries who became an architect. Humphries claimed the poor education he received was responsible for a bridge he designed collapsing. With this lawsuit making headlines in the news Rhonda had to fend off people looking to make some profit off of the scandal. One of these people was another alumni of the school named Jeff Winger. He went into the office and tried to convince Rhonda to let him get a look at the school's records. Rhonda saw through his insincere charm and refused only to have Dean Pelton over rule her. He told Rhonda to show Jeff where the school records were stored which was once formerly was a study room ("Repilot").

S05E01-Rhonda greets Jeff
Rhonda greets Jeff.
Later in the school year, a serial prankster known as the "Ass Crack Bandit" was again targeting students on campus. Rhonda was present in a meeting where the Dean was chewing out Save Greendale Committee members Jeff Winger and Annie Edison for conducting an unofficial investigation on the matter. This was interrupted when Pelton received a phone call from the bandit. Craig snapped his fingers repeatedly at Rhonda indicating he wanted a trace put on the call. When the bandit stopped talking, Rhonda told Craig the call was using the school's phone system and pointed out that the extension was clearly shown. Later, Rhonda and Pelton were playing quarters and he looked at her suspiciously when she proved to be an expert at it ("Basic Intergluteal Numismatics").

S05E03-Rhonda wins quarters
Rhonda beats the Dean at quarters - ACB material?

Season Six[]

In 2015, Rhonda was going to deliver some files to Dean Pelton and entered his office. She found him inside wearing makeshift Virtual Reality googles using cardboard and his cellphone. He quickly took them off when he noticed her and Rhonda just shook her head at another of his half-baked schemes ("Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care"). Sometime later, Rhonda was using the school's computer when a green animated skull appeared onscreen. She was confused and thought it was advertisement for a new movie. It was then that new head of I.T. Elroy Patashnik along with Dean Pelton took a look at the issue and explains that a virus had been unleashed on the school's system ("Basic Email Security").

S06E06-Rhonda virus
Virus time.