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Rob Schrab
Rob Schrab
Full name: Robby Christopher Schrab
Birth date: 11/12/1969
Occupation: Producer, writer, director, performer
Also known for: "Scud", "Channel 101"
Work on Community
Title: Director
Directing debut: "Basic Lupine Urology"
Active on Community: 2012-2015

@CommunityTV When will the script for G.I. Jeff be done?
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Robby Christopher Schrab is an American writer, comic book creator, actor and comedian. He was born in Mayville, Wisconsin on November 12, 1969. His most well known project is the independent cult comic book "Scud: The Disposable Assassin". He is a close friend and frequent collaborator with "Community" creator Dan Harmon. Together they were co-creators of the feature film "Monster House", the unaired pilot "Heat Vision and Jack", the online competitive short film festival "Channel 101" and the Comedy Central show " The Sarah Silverman Program". Schrab has also served in the capacity as director and producer of those projects as well. His past directing duties include "Childrens Hospital", "The Mindy Project", "Parks and Rec" along with various episodes of "Community". Schrab is currently working as a writer on "Rick and Morty".

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