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Secret servcie agent Robin Vohlers
Portrayed by: ELIZA COUPE
First appearance: "Intro to Political Science"


I'm sorry you weren't a more obvious potential threat to the country
— Agent Vohlers, "Intro to Political Science".

Robin Vohlers portrayed by Eliza Coupe.
Agent Robin Vohlers is a secret service agent that was sent to Greendale to investigate any potential threats to the visiting Vice President. A by-the-books agent, she displays a cold and seemingly emotionless personality which is possibly due to her having a condition similar to Abed's. She takes a particular interest in Abed although it turns out to be for a personal reason and not a professional one. Her first and so far only appearance was in the Season Two episode "Intro to Political Science". She is portrayed by actress Eliza Coupe.

Character history[]

After Abed is able to detect various agents who had been planted at Greendale in anticipation of the Vice President's upcoming visit, he becomes a person of interest to the Secret Service. Agent Vohlers leads the investigation, personally interrogating him. She and Agent Jones track him down in the cafeteria where he's doing the "Troy and Abed Show," covering the race to select the new student body president. A noticeable attraction is evident between them even to Troy, who advises them to "get a room". She later has Abed's dorm room searched for suspicious materials. Abed confronts her about her real motivation for doing this suggesting that she may have feelings for him. She denies that is the case even though she becomes flustered when he tries to approach her. She offers an apology for inconveniencing before leaving his dorm room. With a bit more emotion she adds that she's sorry he didn't turn out to be a legitimate threat.

Robin and Abed
Robin introduces herself to Abed.
After Abed and Troy wrap up their coverage of the student president election on their campus TV show, Abed makes a statement about how to build a bomb out of ordinary household materials. The Secret Service gets wind of this and cancels the Vice Presidents appearance at the school due to the elevated threat levels. Robin eagerly volunteers to investigate the threat personally. In the episode's end tag, she is shown to be on a "date" with Abed. He is in his dorm room watching the movie Kickpuncher while she is observing from afar in a surveillance van. When the movie finishes, he asks if she wants to do this again next week by talking into a bugged lampshade. He tells her to honk twice in affirmation which she does.

2X17 Abed's date with Robin
A normal first date for secret service agents.


  • Eliza Coupe starred on the ABC sitcom "Happy Endings" which was executive produced by Joe Russo and his brother Anthony who also serve as executive producers on Community. She also worked on "Scrubs" with Community and former "Scrubs" producers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan.
  • The character Robin Vohlers is very likely to have a condition very similar to Abed. During the conversation in the cafeteria she is very interested in why Abed repeated the first grade and shows extraordinary insight into his thought pattern involving his confusion regarding the game of duck/goose.
  • In an interview, it was revealed that a kiss scene was scripted and filmed between Abed and Agent Vohlers, but was later cut out.

Eliza Coupe with the cast of the ABC sitcom "Happy Endings".


What are you looking for, Robin?Abed
Fertilizer, car battery, PVC piping, ...anything that's suspicious.Robin
Because you think I'm suspicious or...because you wish I was suspicious because you wanted to see more of me?Abed