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Ronald Mohammad
Ronald Mohammad
Portrayed by: Michael McDonald
First appearance: "Basic Story"
Date of birth: unknown
Occupation: Insurance liability appraiser
Reason for visit: To inspect the grounds of Greendale Community college


The city defines a dog as any living entity with four legs and a tail.
— Ronald Mohammad, "Basic Story".

S05E12-Ronald head shot
Ronald Mohannad portrayed by Michael McDonald.
Ronald Mohammad is an insurance liability appraiser sent by the city to assess the Greendale campus. He is a by-the-books investigator and a stickler for the rules who had a penchant for over explaining his duties to others. He also appeared to be well read as he was familiar with the works of the Italian poet Dante. The end of his investigation results in a surprising discovery for everyone at school and unintentionally leads to some major changes at Greendale. His first and so far only appearance is in the Season Five episode "Basic Story". He was portrayed by actor/comedian Michael McDonald.

Character history[]

During the study group's fifth year at Greendale, Carl Bladt and Richie Countee told Dean Pelton that an insurance liability appraiser was coming to investigate the school. The next day, Dean and Save Greendale Committee greeted the investigator when he arrived at the back entrance to the school's library. He introduced himself as Ronald Mohammad and invited them to make fun of his name claiming to have already heard any possible joke about it. Before Chang could take him up on his offer Pelton stopped him. Ronald then launched into an explanation of his job and also went to the trouble of defining certain terms tangentially related to it. After he finished talking he decided to test the steps leading to the library's doors.

S05E12-Ronald Mohammad begins
Let's proceed.
He walked up and down the steps until he was satisfied it was up to code. Ronald then quoted a line from the "Divine Comedy" and told everyone that his appraisal had officially started. He then walked into the library as a worried Dean and committee followed him inside. After some time, Ronald's examination of the campus was nearly over and his last stop for the inspection was in the student lounge. He explained to the committee his final test was to involve one of the vending machines. Ronald intended to rock it back and forth to see if it would tip over and crush him. He noted that in the U.S., 6 people a year died this way and 5 of them are usually insurance appraisers. Because of this, Ronald stated he took this particular test very seriously.

S05E12-Ronald Mohammad and vending machine
Here we go.

He then tried to move one of the vending machines by rocking it violently; he even went as far as to try and pull it down on top of him. Despite his best efforts it remained standing and he declared it to be safe. Carl and Richie then showed up and asked Ronald what this year's appraisal will end up costing them. Ronald checked his findings and told them the gas leak had been repaired, the fire exits lead out now and that no new species had been discovered for a week. Although he was brought in to discern its liability, to his surprise he was now forced to admit the school to be an actual property asset. No one understood what he meant until he explained the property has value. Ronald then left as the committee and Pelton, along with Carl and Richie, celebrated the news ("Basic Story").

S05E12-Ronald Mohammad campus asset
This property has value.

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