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Portrayed by: SARA ERIKSON
First appearance: "The Politics of Human Sexuality"
Date of birth: Unknown
Home town: Aurora, CO


'Secretary' is a little degrading to women. I help the Dean do office-y things.
— Sabrina, "The Politics of Human Sexuality".

Portrayed by Sara Erikson.
Sabrina is a student at Greendale who worked as the Dean's secretary during the study group's first year together at Greendale Community College. She assisted him during preparations for the STD Fair and the young and attractive blonde also immediately caught Jeff's eye. Although she attempts to be perceived as more intelligent she is unsuccessful due to her obvious immaturity and instead comes off as more of an air headed bimbo. She provides a counterpoint to Pierce's more mature “girlfriend” Doreen. Her first and only appearance was in the Season One episode, "The Politics of Human Sexuality". Sabrina is portrayed by actress Sara Erikson.

Character history[]

While helping the Dean set up for Greendale's STD Fair '09, Annie fails to draw Jeff's interest for the event. However, Jeff quickly does a 180 when he notices that an attractive young blond is involved. Dean Pelton explains that Sabrina is his new secretary and Jeff immediately hits on her but she seems oblivious to his advances. Later, Pierce taunts Jeff when he arrives at the Fair alone. Jeff quickly pumps Dean Pelton for information about Sabrina, learning that she is single, likes hip-hop and horses, and dislikes beards. Armed with this knowledge, Jeff successfully asks Sabrina out and then introduces her to Pierce, who is then joined by his girlfriend Doreen. As their double date progresses Jeff tries to ignore Sabrina's immaturity, especially in contrast to Doreen. Jeff and Sabrina leave the Fair to make out in Jeff's Lexus and things get hot and heavy until she calls him “professor”. Jeff is completely turned off when Sabrina reveals that she only agreed to go out with an older guy because she thought he was a professor. She offers to make an exception, but Jeff turns her down and returns to the Fair, leaving Sabrina alone in his car.

S01E11-Sabrina yikers


Be right back. I have to make tinkle.Sabrina
Oh! Professor!Sabrina
What? I'm not a professor.Jeff
But, you're at Greendale. And you're old.Sabrina
I'm a student.Jeff