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Señor Kevin's manager
Portrayed by: JAMES KIRKLAND
First appearance: "Virtual Systems Analysis"
Last appearance: "Basic Human Anatomy"
Reason for visit: TO PROCLAIM HIS HATRED OF The movie "DIE HARD" to Abed


It's riddled with plot holes, there's no logic to it, I would rather watch a napkin sit and do nothing than watch the trailer for "Die Hard"!
— Señor Kevin's manager, "Basic Human Anatomy".

Señor Kevin's manager is the supervisor of the Mexican themed restaurant Señor Kevin's. He is known for his curly hair and intense dislike of a certain action movie. The latter made him bitter enemies with Abed. His first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Virtual Systems Analysis". He is portrayed by James Kirkland.

Character history[]

In the study group's third year at Greendale, Troy and Abed used to frequent a restaurant called Señor Kevin's. However, Abed ended up having problems with Señor Kevin's manager as he was not a fan of "Die Hard". His criticisms of the film caused Abed to consider him his enemy and he refused to patronize the restaurant any further. Sometime later, Troy and Britta decided to go on a lunch date at the restaurant. While this happened, back at Troy and Abed's apartment Abed acted out how he believed the date was going inside the Dreamatorium with Annie watching. In his scenario, Troy and Britta were approached by the manager who told them their lunch would be delayed because he was too busy missing the whole point about "Die Hard". In reality, the manager interrupted their date to bash the film. Later, Troy told Abed that he went to go see the manager and told him he should be ashamed of himself for disliking the movie ("Virtual Systems Analysis").

S03E16-Senor Kevin Manager-Abed leaving
I'm too busy misunderstanding the whole point of Die Hard.
In the study group's final year together at Greendale, Troy and Britta decided to celebrate the anniversary of their first date by going to Señor Kevin's again. However, Troy and Abed had "switched bodies" and Abed (supposedly inhabited by Troy) went on the date with Britta instead. Britta played along with it initially but began being annoyed by it. When the Señor Kevin's manager went to their table to trash "Die Hard", she began to encourage him hoping that Abed would crack and drop the role playing to defend his beloved movie. The manager went on a long rant about the film and Abed didn't respond for a minute. When he finally spoke, Abed seemed genuinely unaffected by the insult the manager gave the film and suggested to Britta that they start ordering their food since he was hungry ("Basic Human Anatomy").

S04E11-Senor Kevin manager Abed and Britta
Back for more eh?