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Sgt. Nunez
Portrayed by: Mel Rodriguez
First appearance: "Biology 101"
Last appearance: "Competitive Ecology"
Department: Campus security
Position: Sergeant


You know back in the '80s I used to have this real piece of work protester...used to always give me trouble. Know what happened to her? She incited a riot at the WTO. Got choked till she passed out by some "real" cop with a "real" billy club. Sometimes I wonder you know...
— Sgt. Nunez, "Geography of Global Conflict".

Sgt edited-1
Sgt. Nunez.
Sgt. Nunez was once in charge of security at Greendale Community College. The thanklessness of his job coupled with the lack of respect it earned made him both jaded and cynical. Despite his attitude, he did try briefly to be a mentor of sorts to Ben Chang when the former Spanish teacher became his one lone security officer. He eventually decided to leave due to growing concerns about his own safety. His first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Biology 101" and his last appearance was in "Competitive Ecology". He was portrayed by Mel Rodriguez.

Character history[]

After the craziness of the 2010-2011 year at Greendale, Dean Pelton decided to get serious about his responsibilities at school. He called the campus security force led by Sgt Nunez into his office to discuss the monkey problem in the school's air vents. Nunez suggested they use monkey gas to take care of the problem, and the Dean gave them approval to go ahead with the idea. Later, Nunez and his men brought in a large canister of monkey gas called "Chimpan-Zzz's". They then started pumping the gas directly into the school's air vents. He was unable to hit his intended target but did manage to gas both Jeff and Chang who were in the vents at the time.

Sgt. Nunez and his men returned to Pelton's office unsuccessful in their efforts. Nunez handed the dean a receipt for the monkey gas but was told the school can no longer afford it. After a disastrous meeting with Vice Dean Laybourne, Greendale's funding was significantly reduced. Pelton was forced to make drastic budget cuts and the school could no longer pay the campus security their salaries. The only incentive the Dean could offer them to stay on was vouchers for free classes. Two of the security guards turned in their badges immediately and resigned. Nunez reluctantly opted to stay and grabbed one of the vouchers. He explained he needed it to get his scuba certification ("Biology 101").

S03E01-Sgt Nunez monkey gas
Let's smoke 'em and choke 'em.

Nunez was later seen training his new recruit Ben Chang as a security guard. When Britta tried to protest the new Model U.N., Chang took her into custody and brought her to Nunez. He determined that she was not a real threat and let her go. Later, Britta throws a brick through the security office with a message attached. She tells them she is going to disrupt the Model U.N. competition being held in the cafeteria. Nunez tells Chang about his past experience dealing with a protesters back in the 80's. One in particular who kept giving him trouble incited a riot. The real cops were called in to deal with it and the protester was choked out. Nunez always wondered if things might have ended better if he had been involved. He then sent Chang off to deal with Britta armed with a stun gun ("Geography of Global Conflict").

S03E02-Nunez with taser
Aren't you forgetting something?
A month later, Nunez is pestered by Chang for a promotion to "Inspector". He bluntly tells Chang that no such position exists and in the short amount of tins he's been a guard he hadn't earned any advancement. Afterwards, a fire burned down the Hot & Brown coffee shop in the cafeteria and Chang guessed that a vast conspiracy was responsible. Nunez disagreed and pointed out that someone had been living in the boiler room behind the shop. That person had caused the fire with a matchbook which was carelessly left behind. Upon hearing this, Dean Pelton suspiciously put an end to his investigation and backed Chang's crazy theory instead. Nunez refused to accept the obvious cover up and the fact that Pelton was enabling Chang's possibly dangerous delusions. Fearing for his own safety, Nunez quit leaving Chang to be promoted to his job ("Competitive Ecology").

S03E04-Sgt Nunez with sax
Dean? Dean?



Actor Mel Rodriguez starred in the short lived 2010 Mitchell Hurwitz produced sitcom "Running Wilde" for the Fox network. He played the role of "Migo" the servant to the shows lead Steven Wilde. The part was originally cast with actor Joseph Nunez who had appeared in the "Community" Season Two episode "Mixology Certification" as a bouncer for The Ballroom. "Running Wilde" shared the same executive producers as Community, Joe and Anthony Russo.


What do I do if I see a crime?Security guard Chang
What a security guard does. Call a cop.Sgt. Nunez