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Shirley's Island

Shirley's Island    Greendalelogo
Purpose : Refuge from "Hot Lava" — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Geothermal Escapism"

Visitors: The Study Group, Leonard, Vicki, Neil, Magnitude

Welcome to Shirley Island, where all your dreams come true...if your dream is standing on a table and pissing in a jar.
Shirley, "Geothermal Escapism".

Inside Shirley's Island
Inside Shirley's Island.
Shirley's Island was a makeshift sanctuary from a campus wide game of "Hot Lava". The safe haven was located in the cafeteria and created by Shirley Bennett. The island was built on the foundations of a great power she acquired. It was ultimately razed by an invading army of "chair walkers" led by Buzz Hickey and Britta Perry. Its first and only appearance was in the Season Five episode "Geothermal Escapism".


In the study group's fifth year at Greendale, Troy was leaving school to take a trip around the world. Abed decided to say goodbye by hosting a campus wide game of "Hot Lava". He offered as incentive to win the game issue number one of the comic book "Space Clone" valued at $50,000. Shirley was one of many competitors for the prize but took a long term approach to winning. Instead of actively participating she established herself as a neutral party and built a haven from the contest in the cafeteria. It was called Shirley's Island and constructed from the area's tables and chairs. The foundation of the structure housed her trump card, an object of considerable power which could guarantee her victory.

Shirley's Island entrance
Shirley's Island entrance.
Shirley's fellow study group members were among the many refugees that became regular visitors. Her friends showed up to the island not long after they had an encounter with Buzz Hickey and his seemingly unstoppable Juggernaut. The experience led to Abed asking Shirley about an artifact she was rumored to possess known as "The Orb". As she denied any knowledge of the item, the discussion was interrupted by the arrival of the alliance of Buzz Hickey, Britta and their chair walker soldiers. After calling out Troy and Abed, Britta had her troops take out the sentries and launch an assault on the island.

Troy and Abed arrive at Shirley's Island
Troy and Abed arrive at Shirley's Island.
A valiant effort was made by Jeff and Annie to defend the island but they both were sent into the lava after she had a rolling chair mishap and he lost a duel to Britta. The refugees who hadn't fled already witnessed their sanctuary fell apart around them. As the chair walkers continued their demolition, Shirley finally revealed to Troy and Abed what exactly "The Orb" was. It was a plastic Zorbing sphere she had hidden in the base of the island. She gave the vehicle to the duo and asked that they tell Buzz Hickey she said something cool. They entered the globe and rolled through what was left of Shirley's island to confront all of the invaders ("Geothermal Escapism").

The Chair Walkers attack Shirley's Island
The Chair Walkers attack Shirley's Island.


Tables, chairs and other materials inside the cafeteria was used to create the island. In order to ensure its safety, its entrance was only accessible through a pulley contraption. Weapons were not allowed and any lava-traversing items had to be put away as well before entering. Shirley enforced her policy and defended her borders with sentries led by Neil. She bided her time as players from the contest started congregating to her location. Until then, her makeshift island provided a safe haven for players from the game. She tracked each contestant's elimination on a scoreboard, labelling them "The Fallen". This reflected her religious beliefs as they were separated into two groups: "Secular" and "Christian".

The refugees of Shirley's Island[]