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Shirley and Andre

Shirley Season Five
  Shirley and Andre  
Andre Bennett

  Shirley Bennett : Yvette Nicole Brown  EXES     Andre Bennett: Malcolm-Jamal Warner  
  Status:Married but separated  -  First appearance: "Asian Population Studies"
Spring Fling Dance '91. That's when I first laid eyes on Shirley Edwards, a vision in hyper color and Hammer pants.
Andre, "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts".

Shirley and Andre2
Shirley and Andre portrayed by Yvette Nicole Brown and Malcolm-Jamal Warner.
Having first met in 1991 at the Spring Fling Dance, Shirley and Andre Bennett were high school sweethearts who got married and had three kids. They were together for nearly a decade before Andre's infidelity with a stripper named Mysti caused them to get a divorce. After separating, Andre remained with Mysti while Shirley kept the kids and enrolled at Greendale Community College. Eventually, Shirley and Andre reconciled, had another child together and got re-married. After her graduation another rift occurred between them which led to another separation. This time Andre took the kids with him and Shirley returned to Greendale and reconnected with her Study group. Although their children attended the re-opening of Shirley's Sandwiches, the current state of Shirley and Andre's relationship is unclear. Shirley is portrayed by Yvette Nicole Brown, and Andre is portrayed by Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

Pairing history[]

Season One[]

In her first year at Greendale, Shirley met with the group and was introduced as a recent divorcee looking to earn a business degree. She also mentioned she put a stripper's head through a jukebox which was later revealed to be Mysti. She was her ex-husband Andre's then girlfriend with whom he had an affair ("Pilot"). In an accounting class with Professor Whitman, Shirley complained about Andre stating he left her with stretch marks and the memory of one bland orgasm ("Introduction to Film"). Shirley was later asked by Andre to return the engagement ring he gave her as he wanted to propose to Mysti ("Introduction to Statistics"). Although hurt that Andre had officially moved on, Shirley still remained civil towards him and his new wife. At Andre's request she allowed Mysti to borrow her Minivan so she could drive to her stripping gig ("Beginner Pottery").

1x1 Shirley4
Don't mess with Shirley.

Season Two[]

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Shirley and Andre reunited in September over the Labor Day weekend. Andre had broken up with Mysti and they began dating which led to Shirley believing she was pregnant. She reluctantly told her friends she might be carrying Andre's child after a pregnancy test was discovered in her hand bag ("Cooperative Calligraphy"). After Winter break, Andre came to the Greendale campus to visit Shirley and meet the study group. At an impromptu party the group had, it's discovered Shirley had sex with Ben Chang months ago and could possibly be the father of her baby. Although stunned by the news, Andre assured Shirley he wouldn't leave this time and would be there for her and the baby ("Asian Population Studies").

2X12 Together again
How about a round of soft serve, on me.
Annie later threw a baby shower in the study room which Andre and Shirley attended. Andre had a talk with Chang when he went overboard trying to prove he could be a good father. He later convinced Jeff and Shirley not to have Chang arrested for his crazy antics ("Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy"). Near the end of the school year, Shirley went into labor in the Anthropology classroom. Andre arrived just in time for the baby to be born and they learned from Chang it wasn't his child because it didn't have a tail which was a specific genetic trait his family had. Shirley named the child "Ben" after Chang who helped her through the birth. Andre didn't object but reminded her the child's name would then be "Ben Bennett" ("Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts").

S02E22-Andre Chang Shirley having baby
Having our baby...

Season Three[]

In the study group's third year at Greendale, Andre had a surprise for Shirley while she ate lunch with the study group. He performed alongside a singing and dancing back up band and proposed to Shirley again. She happily accepted but due to the strict tenants of her religion she thought it best to hold the ceremony elsewhere and chose the study room. Shirley left the planning of the wedding to Britta and Annie while she worked on a business proposal with Pierce. Because of this she was late to the rehearsal ceremony which angered Andre. This resulted in a heated argument the two had about Shirley's duties as a wife and a mother. The conflict was unexpectedly resolved when a drunk Jeff and Britta attempted to get married by their pastor.

Racial profiling
Shirley hugs Andre after his performance.
Shirley pointed out to Britta that her fears that she was destined to be a housewife like her mother due to her exceptional wedding planning skills were unfounded. Meanwhile, Andre told Jeff that marriage wasn't a one time commitment, it's a lifetime of promises you make to someone else which Shirley overheard. She added that the people you make promises to will change over time which Andre needed to accept. Andre responded that he will but she needs to wait for his stereo business to succeed. Shirley countered that ten years was a long enough time and maybe it's time for him to let her take the lead. Andre accepts her proposal and the two decided to go on with the rehearsal. The reverend suggested they save money on the wedding and just get married now which Shirley and Andre also agree on ("Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts").

3x12-Shirley Andre vows
Their Community College Library wedding.

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Shirley had her family dress for Halloween using a "Star Wars" theme. Shirley dressed as Princess Leia while Andre dressed as Han Solo, Eiljah and Jordan were Stormtroopers and baby Ben was an Ewok ("Paranormal Parentage"). On Thanksgiving, Shirley invited the study group to her house for dinner. All her in-laws were there but Andre himself was busy working at his stereo store ("Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations"). Near the end of the semester, Abed worked on a chart showing the study group's history before Greendale. Shirley learned that Jeff was indirectly responsible for Andre cheating on her as Mysti was a client of his that he encouraged to have an affair ("Heroic Origins").

4x5 Promotional photo 14
Shirley hosting Thanksgiving sans Andre.

Season Five[]

Not long after graduating from Greendale, Shirley unexpectedly reunited with her study group. They were alerted by Abed about a "Save Greendale Committee" Jeff had supposedly formed and wanted to help out. At the reunion in the study room, Shirley eventually confessed that things in her personal life hadn't been going well. As Andre had feared, she had became consumed with her business and ignored her family. When she lost a lot of their money in the process, Andre left her again but this time took the kids with him ("Repilot").

S05E01-Shirley crying
I failed Bones!