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Leonard, "Pillows and Blankets".

Throughout the series, Leonard has run-ins with different study group members that usually lead to an exchange of insults. The format is that Leonard barges in on a conversation with an insult or irrelevant information and then somebody retorts with a cutting remark. It originally involved only Leonard and Jeff but Shirley, Dean Pelton, Frankie Dart have each gotten a "Shut up, Leonard!". Britta has two. This running gag's first occurrence was in the Season One episode "Advanced Criminal Law". There are no occurrences in Season Two.


Oh, come on Leonard. If you're going to argue with me, put on a bathing suit.

–Jeff, Advanced Criminal Law.

Hey guys, thanks for eating all the macaroni!


Shut up, Leonard! Nobody even knows what you're talking about!

–Jeff, Romantic Expressionism.

You're gonna look like an ass in those.


Shut up, Leonard! I talked to your son on Family Day. I know all about your gambling.

–Jeff, Physical Education.

All hail sir eats-alone!


Shut up, Leonard! I heard about your prescription socks.

–Jeff, Biology 101.

I'm always willing to go the extra mile to avoid doing something.


Like sex with women.


Shut up, Leonard! You smell like mentholyptus. What are you even doing here?

–Jeff, Documentary Filmmaking: Redux.

The stakes have never been higher.


Shut up, Leonard! I found your YouTube page. What's the point in reviewing frozen pizza?

–Shirley, Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism.

This is the rehearsal.


Shut up, Leonard! Those teenage girls you play ping pong with are doing it ironically.

–Jeff, Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts.

The running gag is also subverted once when Jeff is under the influence of anti-anxiety medication:

Looking good, Winger.


Thank you, Leonard. For that compliment, and for your service to this country.

–Jeff, Contemporary Impressionists.

Classic tee up.


Shut up, Leonard! I know about your crooked wang.

–Britta, Introduction to Finality.

Classic wrap-up.


Shut up, Leonard! I got a picture of your old nose, it was a lateral move!

–Dean Pelton, Basic Human Anatomy.

I told you you'd be back.


Shut up, Leonard! I'm not here! I'm just a figment of your creeping dementia!

–Jeff, "Repilot".

Hey look, it's the star of "Head of the Ass".


Shut up, Leonard! Nice earring. You look like the road manager for the California Raisins.

–Jeff, "Introduction to Teaching".

That's been out.


Shut up, Leonard! I once mistook six people for you at a pharmacy!

–Britta, "Ladders".



Shut up, Leonard! You are, you are, old! And ... you deserve less because of your age.

–Frankie, "Ladders".

More like I'm a bored game.


Shut up, Leonard! You look like a German puppet maker and smell like the inside of a church!

–Father, "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television".


Unused Jokes[]

On June 27, 2017 writer Andy Bobrow posted on his Twitter account a screenshot of alternate "Shut Up, Leonard!" jokes.
Alternate Shut Up Leonard jokes

Deleted Scenes[]

A Behind the Scenes video for Intro to Political Science includes several jokes that were not used in the episode:

  • "Shut up, Leonard! You look like a melting Kojak."
  • "Shut up, Leonard! You dress like a child in a Godzilla movie."
  • "Shut up, Leonard! You look like a geriatric Charlie Brown."
  • "Shut up, unmasked Darth Vader."
  • "Shut up, Leonard! You look like a deflated Michael Chiklis."