Six Candles

"Six Candles"
Air date: — Season: One — Featuring: Abed Nadir, Jeff Winger, Britta Perry, Gobi Nadir
Summary: Abed's father along with Jeff and Britta are featured in a short film project.

I don't want to be your father.
— Jeff Winger

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Abed surrounded by brain scans.
Six Candles is a short video by Abed Nadir for his Film studies class. His friends Jeff and Britta appeared on the project as did his father Gobi Nadir. It was featured on the Season One episode "Introduction to Film". The video was later released on NBC's official Community site after the episodes broadcast. It was also posted on the website under the AV club section before the site was converted to it's current Tumblr format.

The webisode

   "Six Candles"
"I think the wrong person just left."
Featuring: Abed Nadir, Jeff Winger, Britta Perry, Gobi Nadir

Abed's film project chronicles his family life using his friends Jeff and Britta to stand in for his mom and dad. It shows the collapse of Abed's parents marraige, the affect it had on his relationship with his father and his own struggles to be understood.

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