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     Some Worries  
First appearance: "Home Economics" — Meeting area: Music room — Purpose: band
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Oh! They're pretty good!
Shirley, "Home Economics".

"Some Worries" is a band led by Vaughn Miller which became popular on the Greendale campus with their hit single "Gettin' Rid of Britta". Their first appearance was in the Season One episode "Home Economics".

Group history[]

In the study group's first year at school, Britta Perry started dating Vaughn Miller. The relationship didn't last long as Vaughn ended it after Britta let Jeff and the study group mock a poem he wrote for her ("Social Psychology"). While playing hacky sack with his friends, Vaughn missed a pass. A friend says, "No worries," but Vaughn reveals that he now has "some worries" after his run-in with the study group. His heart broken Vaughn worked through his pain by focusing his efforts into a band he formed called "Some Worries". Britta and Pierce would run into Vaughn on the campus quad and found him to still be angry about their break up. Pierce, over Britta's objections, offered to talk to him to try and smooth things over between them. Instead he ended up joining the band as a keyboardist and helped Vaughn write a song about her. The bands first public performance was being held in the student lounge and Britta hoped that by attending and supporting Vaughn he would forgive her for how their relationship ended.

There are some worries
The name came first.
She was shocked when the band started to play "Gettin' Rid of Britta", a revenge song which continually referred to Britta as a bitch. Afterwards, she confronted Vaughn in the music room where he and the band were practicing. While she was there, Vaughn and Pierce got into an argument over writing credit for "Gettin' Rid of Britta". Due to this disagreement, Pierce is kicked out of the group by Vaughn. Later that night the band appeared at the outdoor "Night Under The Stars" festival on the campus quad. Pierce talked to Vaughn before they performed and asked that he ease up on attacking Britta through verse. Vaughn replied that he had moved and revealed Pierce to be the target for his wrath once the band began to perform.

Night under the stars
They're pretty good.
Their new single was a reworking of their previous hit entitled "Pierce You Are A B". To further humiliate Pierce, Vaughn had rapper/student MC Dan Harmon compose and perform a special rap during the song. The crowd cheered enthusiastically for the band's latest song and Pierce proudly proclaimed to all the students in attendance that he was the person mentioned in the song. Sometime later, Pierce hired MC Dan Harmon to collaborate on a revenge song for him. They were in the music room reciting back a rap he and Pierce co-wrote, Vaughn walked in on them. He sarcastically complimented the pair for their efforts and told Pierce "This isn't over." ("Home Economics").

Pierce and MC Dan Harmon rap
Pierce's revenge.