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Portrayed by: SOPHIE B. HAWKINS
First appearance: "Herstory of Dance"


Damn, I wish Abed was Batman!
— Sophie B. Hawkins, "Herstory of Dance".

Sophie B. Hawkins.
Sophie B. Hawkins is an American singer/song writer. She is best known for 1990s chart topping singles "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" and "As I Lay Me Down". Due to a misunderstanding, Britta named a school dance she had created after Sophie. Her first and so far only appearance was in the Season Four episode "Herstory of Dance". Sophie B. Hawkins portrays herself on the show.

Character history[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Britta decided to organize a competing dance to Dean Pelton's Sadie Hawkins sock hop named after Sophie B. Hawkins. She had wanted her dance to be a celebration of feminism but mistakenly mixed up Sophie's name with the American Women's Right's suffragist Susan B. Anthony. Not willing to correct her mistake due to Jeff's merciless teasing, she proceeded with her plans. After he made her realize that the singer would actually be expected to appear at the dance, she tried in vain to hire her even going so far as to put out an ad on Craigslist for the performer. She was encouraged by Pierce to hope that things would somehow work out for her and proceeded with the dance anyway. The night of the dance, Britta started to become more stressed as the students in attendance, as well as Dean Pelton and Jeff, kept inquiring about when Sophie would show up.

4x08-Britta Pelton dances
Her not showing up could push these people to such a dark place...
She stalled as long as she could but gave up hope as it became less likely a miracle could occur. Near the end of the night she got on stage and tried to calm down the audience who were chanting for Sophie. Before she could finish her explanation a student figured out that they were all lied to and everyone started booing Britta. Just in the nick of time, however, Sophie B. Hawkins and her band made a shocking appearance and joined Britta on stage. Unknown to Britta, Pierce had called the singer to salvage Britta's dance having known Sophie from the time his company Hawthorne Wipes sponsored the Lilith Fair. As Sophie performed "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover", Abed jumped on stage, grabbed the mike and asked for Rachel to return apologizing for his behavior earlier. Sophie was amused by his actions saying "Wow, viva lost love!".

S04E08-Sophie entry
Sophie saves the day!
After finishing up the song she launched into another performance with her other hit single "As I Lay Me Down". Later after the dance is over, Troy and Abed are casually talking to Sophie on stage. They convince her to sing several new lyrics they made up for the refrain of the song "Damn I Wish I was Your Lover". After Troy has her sing "Damn I Wish I Had Ice Cream", Abed asks if she can sing about wishing Abed was Batman. She complies but stresses that was the last one she will do for them. Dean Pelton then shows up and shoos the pair away saying an artist like Sophie should be treated with more respect. He then whips own out his own lyrics for the song and asks if she can sing it for his voicemail. When she looks over the lyrics she asks him who Jeff Winger is to which Pelton snaps "Just sing the damn song".

S04E08-Sophie Abed was Batman
Damn I wish Abed was Batman!