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Stacy Lambert
Stacy Lambert
Portrayed by: Erin McGathy
First appearance: "Wedding Videography"
Home town: Greendale, Colorado
Major: Unknown
Occupation: Student


Garrett and I have been seeing each other for 16 months, 2 weeks and 4 days. We met at the school store "Pencils and Such". He said he was there for the such.
— Stacy, "Wedding Videography".

S06E12-Stacy reproposal
Stacy Lambert.
Stacy Lambert is a student at Greendale Community College who had a whirlwind romance with classmate Garret Lambert. After only dating a little more than a year she and Garrett got engaged and were married soon after. Their happy union was immediately tested when certain facts came to light but ultimately it only proved to strengthen their bond instead of destroying it. Stacy's first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Wedding Videography". She is portrayed by actress/comedian Erin McGathy who in real life was married to Community creator Dan Harmon.

Character history[]

In Jeff Winger's second year as a teacher at Greendale, Garrett was a student in his "Pre-Law Studies" class. Garrett made a presentation to the class on marriage law for extra credit. However, it was really a marriage proposal to his girlfriend Stacy Lambert. Although Jeff and others were expecting Stacy to refuse, she enthusiastically says "yes" and starts to cry. Stacy mentions that she met Garrett at the Greendale store "Pencils and Such" and have been dating for over sixteen months.

S06E12-Stacy says yes
Stacy says yes to Garrett's marriage proposal.
Stacy and Garrett's wedding ceremony was held outside and conducted by Todd. Garrett's vows are very moving, he proclaims Stacy is his body, soul, like his favorite video game and without her, he is incomplete. Unfortunately, his vows are interrupted by the Save Greendale Committee who arrive late and make a ruckus. Stacy's vows are a list of what she likes doing with Garrett (instead of what she feels). This includes making sandwiches, folding towels and giving him his pain killers at the end of the day. When Garrett points out these aren't vows, Stacy apologies. During Stacy's "I do", she is interrupted as Chang breaks the chair he is sitting in. After kissing Stacy, Garrett glares at the committee.

S06E12-Stacy listens to Garretts vows
Stacy listening to Garrett's vows.
During the reception, Stacy criticizes the way Garrett is spooning meatballs on his plate saying he is getting juice everywhere. Garrett retorts that she isn't doing well serving herself asparagus. Elroy Patashnik validates their actions and says what they are doing is OK. They end up saying "I love you" to each other. During the speeches, Stacy's maid of honor Andi tells a story about Stacy losing her virginity, tells Stacy to continue painting and rebukes Garrett that he shouldn't stop her. Everyone at the reception cringes at the speech. Stacy looks down at the table and plays with her hair.

S06E12-Stacy embarrassed at Andi speech
Stacy embarrassed at Andi's speech.
Jeff does the best man's speech as Garrett's brother, Bones, got drunk and had to leave. With the committee's help, Jeff has prepared a speech that shows how much they have gotten to know the wedding guests. To further impress the guests, Jeff invites the senior members of each family, Garrett's Aunt Polly and Stacy's Meemaw to join him. Confusion ensues when Garrett and Stacy point to the same person. It soon dawns on everyone that they are in fact the same person revealing that the bride and groom are related. The crowd is stunned by the revelation as Garrett's mom faints.

S06E12-Stacy with Meemaw and Garrett
Stacy with Meemaw/Aunt Polly.
Afterwards Garrett and Stacy privately discuss the matter while the guests also process the shocking news in hushed whispers. Using a microphone, Garrett announces the reception is over prompting Chang to ask him what he and Stacy are going to do next. Garrett replies they consulted with a lawyer and learned it is legal in the state of Colorado to marry your cousin. However, they've decided to annul the marriage to spare their families any more embarrassment.

S06E12-Stacy tears
Stacy in tears.
Over the objections of the other committee members, Chang grabs the microphone from Garrett. Chang asks Garrett who loves him more than Stacy, to which he replies "no one." Chang asks Stacy if it is her fault that Garrett is her cousin, to which she says "no." He delivers a heartfelt plea for the newlyweds to not ignore their love just to please others. Garrett takes Chang's advice to heart and re-proposes to Stacy who agrees to be his legally incestuous wife. The party is restarted, and everyone is relieved. Stacy cuts the wedding cake and then slow dances with Garrett.

S06E12-Stacy and Garrett dancing
The happy, incestuous couple.



Erin McGathy was "Community" creator Dan Harmon's real life spouse during production of Season Six. They met in 2011 and after dating for several years were wed on November 16, 2014. She has appeared numerous times on Harmon's podcast "Harmontown". She was also featured in the similarly titled documentary of the same name which chronicled Dan's life after being fired from "Community" in 2012. On October 10, 2015 Erin announced on her Twitter account that she and Dan were getting a divorce.

Dan and Erin wedding day
Dan and Erin on their wedding day.