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Stephen Spreck
Portrayed by: JORDAN BLACK
First appearance: "Basic Rocket Science"
Last appearance: "Heroic Origins"
Date of birth: Unknown


The next time you provoke City College, you will lose more than a Winnebago.
— Dean Spreck, "Basic Rocket Science".

S04E12-Spreck head shot
Dean Spreck portrayed by Jordan Black.
Stephen Spreck is the Dean of City College. He is a cold and calculating administrator who isn't above bending rules and breaking laws for the greater glory of his school. It is hinted at that he has some sort of history with Dean Pelton although it's unclear what type of relationship they had in the past. He first appears in the Season Two episode "Basic Rocket Science". He later appears in both parts of the season finale "A Fistful of Paintballs" and For A Few Paintballs More". He is portrayed by actor/comedian Jordan Black.

Character history[]

Season Two[]

During the Fall 2010 semester of City College, Dean Spreck planned to launch a space simulator for the school called the C.C.C.P (City College Cosmic Pioneer). He learned that Greendale Community College was launching a simulator of their own and enlisted the help of an insider at Greendale to sabotage their efforts. His mole at the school enabled him to have Greendale's space simulator towed only a few hours before the school's press conference to promote the new program. Spreck personally headed over to Greendale to gloat about Dean Pelton's predicament. Spreck let him know that he was the one responsible and taunted Pelton by whispering in his ear.

S02E04-Spreck whispering in Pelton's ear
Spreck threatening (and turning on) Dean Pelton.
His plan was ruined when the study group, who were inside the vehicle when it was towed, contacted the school to let them know they were headed back. They had managed to start the winnebago and were driving it to Greendale. Spreck and Pelton rushed outside just in time to see the space simulator's raucous return to campus. It managed to make it to the quad where the press conference was being held. At the wheel of the vehicle was his mole, Annie, whom he had promised to help transfer to City College. He told her she wasn't City College material after all to which she proudly agreed. Spreck left the ceremony in a huff more determined to see Greendale fall ("Basic Rocket Science").

S02E04-Spreck taunting Pelton
Spreck taunting Pelton that Greendale's space simulator won't arrive in time.
At the end of the school year, he devised an even more devious and audacious plan to destroy the school. Using City College funds, he created a fake ice cream company called "Pistol Patty's Cowboy Creamery". The first part of his plan was to sponsor Greendale's end of the year picnic through the bogus business. He also provided the prize for that year's paintball assassination game: $100,000. After the announcement, the Greendale students went into a frenzy and trashed the campus competing for the prize money. As insurance that no student would actually win the prize, Spreck hired a ringer to eliminate as many students as possible ("A Fistful of Paintballs").

S02E23-Pistol Patty announces prize
Pistol Patty announces the prize.
After his ringer was eliminated, Spreck began the second phase of his plan. He launched an all-out assault on the remaining students with an army of City College Storm Troopers . Pierce, who had recently quit the study group, was captured by some of the City College troops. He was brought before Spreck and volunteered to reveal crucial intel on Jeff who, alongside a Troy, was leading the remaining students against the invaders. Spreck lost patience with Pierce after being given useless information. While he wasted time on Pierce his forces suffered heavy losses due in the library. He ordered a trooper to shoot Pierce and went to the quad where the rest of his troopers were. Alongside crowd of the eliminated Greendale students he witnessed Britta and Shirley in Campus security patrol cart doing an assault run on City College's Gatling Paintball gatling gun.

FFOPB Pistol Patty
Pistol Patty addresses the City College Stormtroopers.
The duo managed to take out the remaining City College troopers and the Gatling gunner but not before Britta was eliminated. The campus celebrated Shirley's victory prematurely as there were still two more troops hiding inside a nearby van that eliminated her. Spreck was elated believing his plan had worked and Greendale had been defeated. Surprisingly, another City College trooper appeared who join the other two. After high-fiving their victory, he promptly shot them both revealing himself to be Pierce in disguise. As the last man standing in the competition, Pierce won the $100,000 prize shocking everyone in the crowd. He pointed at Spreck and told him to make the check out to Greendale awarding the all the money to the school and forcing City College to make restitution for their actions ("For A Few Paintballs More").

S02E24-Pistol Patty loses
"And you can make the check out to Greendale!"

Season Three[]

In the 2012 Spring semester at City College, Dean Spreck was briefly seen in a flashback playing a game of human chess against Dean Pelton in the cafeteria. The two deans had decided that the game was the best way to determine parking at an upcoming job fair held at both schools. Britta complained to both Deans how inhumane it was to use actual students in their competition but she was ignored ("Curriculum Unavailable"). He was later shown at the end of the year in his office at City College. Spreck was studying a map of Greendale and appeared to again be plotting some sort of attack on it once more. He was unaware that Ben Chang, who had been forced to leave Greendale, was watching him from inside the air vents of the school ("Introduction to Finality").

CA Game of human chess
"Vicki to queen three".

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year together, Chang returned to school claiming to have amnesia. It's then revealed he was faking and following the orders of a mysterious individual he was in contact with on a cell phone. That person was revealed to be Dean Spreck who was using Chang as a pawn in yet another attempt to destroy Greendale. Chang had a change of heart and told Spreck he refused to go along with his plans. Spreck was furious but decided to proceed with a contingency plan. He started to laugh maniacally at a blue print he has of a giant mechanical spider ("Heroic Origins").

S04E12-Spreck flash card
Contemplating Plan B.