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Steve Basilone2
Steve Basilone
Full name: Stephen Basilone
Occupation: Producer, writer, actor
Also known for: "Malcolm in the Middle"
Work on Community
Title: Former writer
Writing debut: "Regional Holiday Music"
Active on Community: 2011-2013

There was one year when I was on "Community" in which I ended up having my colon removed. I was in and out of hospitals for months. Everyone was super supportive and understanding. But it was nice for me knowing that while I wasn’t there, we as a team still had a presence. I still knew what was going on and Annie was still able to come to the plate for us.
— Steve Basilone


Steve Basilone is an American television writer and producer. He attended Emerson College in Boston before eventually moving to Los Angeles to pursue several writing opportunities. He eventually ended up on "Community" from 2011 to 2013 penning a number of episodes alongside his writing partner (and former Emerson College classmate) Annie Mebane. Basilone has since moved on this other projects including the "The Michael J. Fox Show". He was married to Lauren Morelli, a fellow television writer who works on the Netflix original series "Orange is the new Black". Morelli filed for divorce after two years upon coming out as a lesbian in 2014. Basilone currently serves as writer and producer of the ABC sitcom "The Goldbergs".

Community episodes[]

Credited writer (along with Annie Mebane)
Season Three
Season Four

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