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Stoner friend
Portrayed by: MATT JONES
First appearance: "Introduction to Film"
Last appearance: "Pascal's Triangle Revisited"
Date of birth: 1981


Britta's lame. Team Slater!
— Stoner friend, "Pascal's Triangle Revisited".

This Greendale student was seen several times throughout the study group's first year at the school. Though at first credited as "Coffee delivery guy", he is referred to in his last two appearances as "Stoner friend". It's assumed it's the same character just as in the case of Officer Cackowski's first appearance. He is good friends with Vaughn Miller and shares his love of hacky sack and probably (as indicated by his name) recreational drug use. He is portrayed by Matt Jones and his first appearance was in the Season One episode "Introduction to Film".

Character history[]

The character known as "Stoner friend" first appeared as a coffee delivery guy who brought several cups of java to the study group while they were having lunch in Group Study Room F. Both the coffee and the pizza the group was eating had been ordered by Abed using Britta's money. "Stoner friend" witnesses Britta get angry at Abed for having wasted her money which was meant to be used for school. Unable to deal with Abed, she leaves with Jeff following soon after. Having heard Abed refer to Jeff as his father, the "Stoner friend" asks if that is actually true ("Introduction to Film"). Sometime later he seen outside playing hacky sack on the campus quad with Vaughn Miller and his other hippie friends. He watches as Vaughn does a spin kick that fails to connect with the hacky sack and results in him doing a face plant on the ground.

Coffee delivery guy
Stoner friend delivering coffee to the study group.
After Vaughn ends his relationship with Britta, "Stoner friend" tries to get him to join in a game of hacky sack. Still depressed over the break-up, Vaughn's dour attitude causes "Stoner friend" to become sad as well ("Social Psychology"). He is next seen attending the end of the year school transfer formal called "The Tranny Dance". He, along with the rest of the attendees, witness a love triangle unfold involving Britta and Michelle Slater fighting over Jeff. Britta declares her love for Jeff with Slater doing the same. Professor Whitman and Linda Greene offer their opinion on the matter and tell Jeff to choose Britta. "Stoner friend" strongly disagrees and tells Jeff to choose Slater instead ("Pascal's Triangle Revisited"). He has not made any appearances since then.

There are some worries
Vaughn tells his friend there are some worries.


In 2010, Matt L. Jones landed a recurring role on the AMC drama "Breaking Bad". He played a character similar to Stoner friend who was a meth addict named "Badger". Several other actors from "Breaking Bad" have also been a part of Community. Actor Giancarlo Esposito played drug lord "Gus Fring" and also portrayed Pierce Hawthorne's half-brother Gilbert Lawson in Season Three and Season Four. Also, actor Jonathan Banks (who portrayed ex-cop "Mike Ehrmantraut") plays Criminology professor Buzz Hickey in Season Five of Community.

Badger on Breaking Bad
Twaught Hammer!