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Study Break

"Study Break"
Air date: March 5, 2010 — Season: One — Featuring: The study group
Summary: Three 90 second breaks during one of the group's study session are featured in this 3 part webisode series

Annie, look what you are doing to people.

"Community: Study break" is a three part mini episode featuring the entire study group. Annie decides that a 90 second break is required every 36 minutes as the group studies Spanish. It was sponsored by, the cable TV/phone/internet service provider which is a division of Comcast the current owner of NBC . It debuted online during Season One and was a special feature on Disc two of the Community The Complete First Season DVD set.

The Webisodes[]

   "Study Break: Stop using your brain"
"You guys, I think we killed Abed."
Featuring: The Study Group

Annie insists that the group take a 90 second study break every 36 minutes which amuses Jeff. Meanwhile, Abed takes the break too seriously, Pierce shows off a comedy character he is developing named "James British", and Shirley tries to go to the restroom before the break is over.

   "Study Break: Truth or Dare"
"Annie, you're tearing this study group apart"
Featuring: The Study Group

To pass the time during the next study break, the study group plays a game of truth or dare.

   "Study Break: Generation Gap"
"Pee knuckle...heh, heh..."
Featuring: The Study Group

In the last study break, the study group finds themselves divided by their generation gap. Jeff points out the one factor that is common to both age group and unites them all.

Recurring themes:[]


  • This must be the place: All the webisodes take place in Group Study Room F.
  • Googly eyes: Troy admits he'd consider sleeping with Britta if she got a haircut and a less controlling personality.
  • Winger speech: Jeff gives a speech on the differences and similarities between the study group members.

Running gags:[]

  • I'm Batman!: Pierce decides to try out a character he's been work shopping called "James British".
  • Rhyme time: Annie calls Pierce "Oldie Von Moldy".
  • Biggest laugh of the night!: Abed demonstrates his martial arts prowess on Troy.
  • NOOOOOO!: Annie yells this when Pierce is asked to reveal a truth when the group plays "Truth or Dare". Everyone then yells this when Abed asks him what he's most ashamed of.
  • Catchphrase: In the bumper sequences that features Yvette Nicole Brown, she says her character Shirley's signature catchphrase "That's nice!". Those sequences are edited out of the DVD version of the webisodes.

Pop culture references[]

  • IMDB:
    • Austin Powers is referenced by Troy when he sees Pierce's British character.
    • Tremors is mentioned by Abed.

Meta references:[]

  • Use your allusion: Jeff mentions the word "biblioteca" which is a reference to the "Spanish Rap".