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Stun baton

  Stun baton  
First appearance: "First Chang Dynasty" — Owned by: Greendale campus securityUsed by: The Changlourious Basterds
Purpose: crowd control— Made by: Stun Master   PHOTO ICON

Suppose you actually manage to make it past the guards at the front. There's fifty more inside armed to the teeth with stun batons and misplaced sexual aggression.
Murray, "The First Chang Dynasty".

Stun batons for everyone
The Changlorious Basterds
armed with Stun batons.
In the study group's third year at Greendale, Ben Chang becomes campus security and uses his position to stage a coup of the school with his security force and his Dean replacement Faux-by. To enforce his rule he gives his army of tweenagers stun batons to keep the students in line. Their first appearance was in the Season Three episode "First Chang Dynasty".


With an army of middles schoolers protecting the school with stun batons, the Greendale Seven plans an elaborate heist to covertly rescue Dean Pelton during Chang's birthday party.  The night of the party, the plan at first goes smoothly until Chang becomes aware of it and captures them before they can escape with the Dean. He imprisons them and reveals his plan to set off explosives to burn all school records of his misdeeds in the records room. A remote sensor will set it off after he finishes a solo on his keytar. With the help of the Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School, the study group escapes and Troy and Abed make it in time to diffuse the bomb. 

FCD agony of defeat
Chang with his little Basterds.
Chang heads to the records and directs a guard to attack Jeff. He overpowers the kid and takes his stun baton from him. Chang then arms himself with a double sided stun baton and is about to engage Jeff in battle when they are interrupted by school board members Carl Bladt and Richie Countee. They present to everyone the real Dean and his replacement Faux-by and demand an explanation from Chang. With conclusive evidence of his crimes in front of him, Chang distracts everyone and makes his escape.

Stun Master[]

Stun Master

In real life the Stun baton is a security device manufactured by Stun Master. Known for it's power and extended reach, it's an entry level stun device capable of generating 300,000 volts. Metal plates running down the sides will also deliver a shock when touched preventing an assailant from grabbing it and taking it away. It has a rubber handle, is 16 inches in length and is powered by two 9-volt Energizer EverReady Alkaline batteries (not included). It retails for around $50.