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First appearance: "Basic Genealogy" — Owned by: Nana BarnesUsed by: Nana Barnes
Purpose: to give people whoopin's— Made by: utilizing a loose stick or branch   PHOTO ICON


A switch is a stick she can use to whoop you with.
Troy Barnes to Britta Perry, "Basic Genealogy".

1x18 Promotional photo 24
Britta presents the switch.
A switch is a wooden disciplinarian tool used to administrate corporal punishment on felonious offenders. In other words, it's a stick for whuppin' people with. Troy and his grandmother introduced Britta to the concept, and it left a memorable impression that she won't soon forget. Its first appearance and only usage was in the Season One episode "Basic Genealogy".


Season One[]

In the study group's first year together at Greendale, the school invited students' family members to the campus for a Family Day event. Troy told the study group his grandmother, Nana Barnes, had decided to come. He was not looking forward to it complaining how crazy she was. Britta chastised Troy that he should cherish his grandmother. Later that day when Britta ran into Troy and his grandmother she tried to compliment her. Nana Barnes somehow misinterpreted the comment to mean she slept around when she was younger. Britta offered to apologize for her perceived insult and Nana Barnes demanded that she find her a switch.

1X18 Get me a swtich
"You can get me a switch!"
Britta was confused, so Troy explained that a switch is a wooden rod used to discipline children. Britta commenced a search for the perfect switch and found a branch outside. She and Troy met up with Nana Barnes who was waiting for them in the Spanish classroom. Britta handed over the switch and held out her hands eager to receive her punishment. Nana explained she was to be spanked, not rapped on the knuckles and told Britta to drop her drawers and get across her lap. Ignoring Troy's pleas to just walk away from the situation, Britta complied not wanting to seem like a hypocrite.

1X18 Britta finds the perfect switch
Britta finds the perfect switch.
As soon as Britta was in position, Nana Barnes proceeded to start the whuppin. Britta was fine at first but eventually the hits became harsher until she started to cry out in pain. Witnessing the display, Troy broke down crying and pleaded with his grandmother to stop. Unfortunately, Nana Barnes was so intent on inflicting punishment that she ignored not only Troy but also Amber and Jeff who had wandered into the room. Afterwards, Troy met up with Britta in the cafeteria where she was still sore over the beating. Britta admitted he was right and that his grandmother was a monster. Nana Barnes appeared, having overheard that part of their conversation. She then demanded another switch, so she could use it on Troy for having insulted her ("Basic Genealogy").

1X18 Britta is spanked Troy cries and Jeff gets busy with Amber
Britta is spanked while Troy cries
and Jeff gets it on with Amber.


Corporal punishment[]

Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.

Proverbs 13:24

The use of a switch is a form of corporal punishment which was once considered in the past to be a suitable disciplinary method. It involved striking the offender repeatedly with an instrument, in this case a wooden stick, usually on the rear end. The severity and frequency of the strikes varied, generally in accordance with how bad the offense was. However, alternative and less painful punishments have become more acceptable in modern times due to current social mores. Originally such switches and paddles were also summarily used in schools by the faculty on the students. Eventually complaints and lawsuits from parents about this practice resulted in bans in most states. A persons parental rights regarding use of a switch on their own children has been scrutinized as well. The debate on this type of punishment continues as more high profile cases, such as the 2014 Adrian Peterson incident, become public.

Adrain Peterson
On November 2014, Adrian Peterson pleaded no contest to misdemeanour reckless assault for injuries he inflicted on his four-year-old son with a switch.

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