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Table Mk II

  Table Mk II  
First appearance: RepilotOwned by: Greendale Community CollegeUsed by: Study group
Purpose: to replace the old study tableMade by: The Study Group   PHOTO ICON

Table, resume table mode.
— Abed, "Introduction to Teaching".

Table Mk II seating arrangements
Seating arrangements, past and present.
"Table Mk II" is a custom made piece of furniture crafted by the study group to replace the original study table after it had been accidentally destroyed. It is the same size as the original but unlike its predecessor which was comprised of two separate tables, this version is a single unit. It's further distinguished from the previous table by having its name engraved top of it. The Table Mk II's first appearance was in the Season Five episode "Repilot".


When the study group unexpectedly reunited some time after they all graduated, they were all in a bad place in their lives. Blaming Greendale's shoddy education for their current situations, Jeff convinced them to sue the school for restitution. Abed then proposes to the group that they set the study table on fire believing that no one else was worthy of it but them. Jeff ends up having a change heart and calls off the lawsuit. Unfortunately he was unable to stop the table from being set on fire and the group sadly watched as it went up in flames ("Repilot"). The Study Group then worked together in the school's wood shop class to create a new study table. Abed put the finishing touches on it adding the varnish and carving its name into the center of the table: Table Mk II ("Introduction to Teaching") .


Behind the scenes[]

Table Mk II new owners[]

In June of 2017, the online auction service Prop put up for sale various "Community" props and costumes. One of the many items sold was Table Mk II which was revealed months later to have been purchased by a group of friends. A Twitter account with the user name _eric@humanghosts posted a picture of himself and the other contributors sitting at the table. The table was sold for four thousand one hundred dollars.

Table Mk II new owners
Table Mk II new owners.