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Teachers' lounge

Teachers' lounge    Greendalelogo
Purpose : Faculty oasis from Greendale — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Introduction to Teaching"

Visitors: Jeff Winger, Buzz Hickey, Ben Chang

Let's hit the lounge.
Buzz Hickey, "Introduction to Teaching".

Union rules
Very exclusive.
The Teachers' Lounge is a facility on the Greendale Community College campus used by the teaching staff. It's a private area where both students and administrators are banned and the teaching faculty can unwind. The area has vending machines, a kitchenette, and a bar. It's a designated smoking area and is equipped with an impressive sound system. It's first appearance was in the Season Five episode "Introduction to Teaching."


In the study group's fifth year together at Greendale, Jeff Winger accepts a teaching position at the school as the new Law professor. His officemate, Criminology professor Buzz Hickey, takes Jeff under his wing and shows him the benefits of being on the teaching staff. The most important perk they receive as teachers is exclusive access to the Teachers' Lounge Upon seeing the place, Jeff is immediately impressed with the layout, particularly the kitchenette and the fully stocked bar. He also greatly appreciates the fact that Dean Pelton is banned from stepping foot inside the room due to union rules. As is usually the case, a party soon breaks out, and Jeff enjoys a martini from the bar, smoking a cigar, and playing poker with the other teachers ("Introduction to Teaching").

Party in the a Teachers' lounge
Party in the Teachers' lounge.
The lounge is seen again in a state of disarray during a campus-wide competition of "Hot Lava." In keeping with the rules of the game, Professor Duncan carefully enters the room, avoiding the floor by stepping on the scattered debris inside. He hopes to find some food in the vending machine when he is interrupted by Britta, who is looking for Abed. Intent on winning the $50,000 prize for the contest, Duncan attempts to knock her off into the "lava" but is himself eliminated. Jeff and Annie show up and prevent Duncan from reaching Britta by knocking the chair he jumps for out from under him. Britta reluctantly joins up with the pair in order to reach Abed and talk to him about issues he has been avoiding ("Geothermal Escapism").

The lounge is a mess
The lounge is a mess.
When the school board began the process of selling Greendale to the Subway corporation, the Save Greendale Committee tried to stop it. Thanks to a hidden scroll found by Abed they learn about a possible hidden treasure they could use to buy to save the school. It was buried in an old computer lab buried beneath the campus. After examining the schools blue prints they found the location to be in a sub basement directly underneath the Teachers' lounge. They searched the lounge looking for the entrance and Annie had Buzz take a pick axe to the Greendale history mural on the wall. Thinking its a clue, Duncan recklessly touched the electrical wiring exposed by the hole Buzz created. While this happened Abed pushed aside a vending machine, flipped over the carpet and discovered a trap door leading to the sub basement ("Basic Sandwich").

Secret trap door
Abed finds the trap door leading to the sub basement.
When Frankie Dart arrived at Greendale, she banned alcohol in the teachers' lounge. ("Ladders") At the end of the study group's sixth year together at Greendale, they gather at The Vatican to celebrate. Playing to Abed's troupe, they each start pitching what "season 7" would look like. In Jeff's "effortless" pitch, he imagines them all as teachers and himself as the Dean in the lounge ("Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television").

S06E13-Teacher lounge
Bring it in!



The Teachers' lounge has a kitchenette equipped with the latest appliances, a fully stocked bar, a television area, and an outside patio. It also has an unseen bathroom, which is considered to be the cleanest one on campus.

History of Greendale wall[]

A timeline mural charting the history of Greendale county as well as the school itself covers one of the walls inside the Teachers lounge. A few of the notable entries on the wall include:

  • 1609 - The land now known as Greendale is discovered by the Portuguese explorer known as Sir English Memorial while searching for a cure for syphilis.
  • 1812 - Homesteading begins in the area then known as Verdant Valley. Settlers find that name at odds with the poor soil conditions and perpetual plagues of locusts. So they consider other names including Scab Canyon, Harmon's heartbreak and Racist Meadows before deciding on the less emotionally charged "Greendale".
  • 1974 - Greendale Community College is founded. It is established after a bet between two senile identical twin industrialists on the site of an abandoned rendering plant.
  • 1977 - Greendale Community College gets a roof.
  • 1979 - The Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School is founded and the prophecy of the truest repair man is foretold by its founder Steve.
  • 1983 - Students demonstrate their political activism by occupying the administration office in a 13 day "sit-in" protesting the school's racially insensitive mascot "Big Chief Drunky". They succeeded and the school adopts a new mascot "The Sober Casinoman".
  • 1990 - Manuel Noriega is granted an honorary degree.