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Teddy Pierce
Teddy Pierce
Portrayed by: Chevy Chase (voice)
First appearance: "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas"
Home town: Planet Abed
Occupation: Teddy bear


Music and cookies and liquor and trees..that's what Christmas is for!
— Teddy Pierce, "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas".

Teddy bear pierce
Teddy Pierce voiced by Chevy Chase.
Teddy Pierce is Abed's re-imagining of what Pierce would be like as an animated stop motion Christmas cartoon character. He goes on a journey in Abed's mind to discover the true meaning of Christmas. His first and only appearance was in "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas". He is voiced by Chevy Chase.

Character history[]

In the study group's second year, Abed had an emotional breakdown where he imagined reality had become stop motion animated. Jeff and Britta staged an intervention for him led by Professor Ian Duncan with Pierce and the rest of the study group in attendance as well. Duncan convinced Abed to undergo hypnosis to get to the root of his problem. While he was under, Abed imagined that everyone had been transported to another world called "Planet Abed". In his mind his friends had been transformed into Christmas cartoon versions of themselves. Pierce became "Teddy Pierce", a teddy bear version of himself. Abed took the study group on a journey to the North Pole to discover the true meaning of Christmas. Duncan became "The Christmas Wizard" and convinced him to take a shortcut through the "Cave of Frozen Memories".

S02E11-Teddy Pierce transforms
Teddy Pierce transformation.
After going through "Carol Canyon", the remaining group makes it to "The Cave of Frozen Memories". Abed foils Duncan's attempts to get him to open up by tricking him into recalling a painful childhood memory. The professor then abandons the session. Abed says that nobody working with the professor could be allowed to accompany him the rest of the way. Pierce reminds everyone he only came for the cookies before following Troy Soldier and Ballerannie down an escape chute. Britta Bot is left behind as Abed leads Teddy Pierce and the others to Pine Tree station where they board a train to take them to the North Pole. As they all settle in, Teddy Pierce excuses himself to use the bathroom.

S02E11-Teddy Pierce falling
Teddy Pierce falling down the escape chute.
Teddy Pierce later joins Abed in the train's engine car having missed the excitement. Abed narrowly escaped from The Christmas Wizard thanks to the sacrifice of Ballerannie and Troy Soldier. Now down to only two, Teddy Pierce confesses that he wanted to stay and help because he didn't like spending the holidays alone. Abed and Teddy Pierce eventually make it to the North Pole. Inside Santa's workshop Pierce helps Abed find a mysterious present which supposedly contains the meaning of Christmas inside of it. It ends up being a red herring left by The Christmas Wizard. Duncan appears and forces Abed to confront the real reason behind his actions. A letter Duncan found in his dorm room reveals that his mom wouldn't be visiting him for Christmas this year.

S02E11-Teddy Pierce points meaning of Christmas
Teddy Pierce points to the meaning of Christmas.
Abed goes into a catatonic state when confronted with this and literally freezes in place. Teddy Pierce chastises Duncan for causing this. Duncan defends his actions by saying that the holiday makes people despair because of their unhealthy expectations of it. The rest of study group make a sudden reappearance and Teddy Pierce joins them. They denounce Duncan's assertion that Christmas is at fault for Abed's condition. The study group replies that Christmas is the time of the year for hope, and they can make that belief a reality by supporting each other. Duncan scoffs at this notion and the study group decide to make their point more clear by attacking him with "Christmas weapons" while they sing a song.

S02E11-Teddy Pierce rebuking Duncan
What's you're paper going to be called, worst shrink ever?
Abed starts to thaw as this is happening responding to his friends fighting for him. Teddy Pierce uses a candy cane shooting tommy gun to subdue the Wizard. Ballerannie finishes off The Christmas Wizard by summoning the "Christmas Pterodactyl" to grab him. As the remote controlled creature flies off with the wizard, Ballerannie activates the self destruct device blowing both of them up. Abed thanks the group for their efforts and they all "return" to the study room. Pierce and the rest of the study group decide to uphold Abed's yearly tradition with his mom. He and Shirley steal some Christmas decorations from the cafeteria to spruce up Abed's dorm room. The other study group members join them inside to watch Christmas cartoons with Abed ("Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas").

S02E11-Teddy Pierce firing candy canes
Teddy Pierce firing candy canes from a tommy gun.


Teddy Pierce figurine[]

A series of figurines was officially based on the animated characters featured in this episode. The alternate forms of most of the study group members made up the assortment along with The Christmas Wizard. The figurines initially sold for $12.95 at the NBC Universal Store. They have since been discontinued and are no longer available on the site.