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That's An Adventure

CD Cover
  ♫That's an Adventure  
Balloon guide and Study Group

◄  Album : none  -  Performed by: The Study Group and the Balloon guide  ►
  Composed by: Ludwig Göransson  -  First heard: Intro to Felt Surrogacy

YES! Now this is adventure! About to go soon! We’re gonna go anywhere in a balloon!
The Study Group

Sometime in their fourth year at Greendale, a general sense of malaise falls over the study group. Troy and Abed point out how predictable they all have become while playing a game of their friends most predictable actions. Feeling stuck in a rut, they decide that they all need to do something exciting away from Greendale. While deliberating what they should do, the song "That's an Adventure" is sung by the Study Group. After seeing a poster with its image on it, Annie suggests that the group go on an adventure by flying in a hot air balloon. The song "That's an Adventure" is first heard in the Season Four episode "Intro to Felt Surrogacy".

The song with lyrics[]


Jeff: Where, where would we go?
We can go anywhere that you know!
Troy and Abed: Could we travel through time?
Britta: Or maybe see France?
Pierce: Or anywhere else naked ladies will dance?
Troy: Could we fly in a booth?
Shirley: Could we go to church camp?
Jeff: I’d rather stay at Greendale!
Annie: Could we ride a hot air balloon?
The Study group: YES!
Jeff: Now that’s an adventure!
Britta: We should go soon!
Abed: We can go anywhere in a balloon!
The Study group: YES!
Annie: That’s an adventure!
Troy: We can go high!
Shirley: We can see anything up in the sky!
The Study group: YES! Now that’s an adventure!
Jeff: Pierce bring your dentures!
The Study group: We’re so thrilled because soon...
Shirley: We’ll be in a hot air balloon!
The Study group: (Harmonizing)

Balloon guide: Hey guys! I’m the balloon guide! Before we take off, I’m gonna check the balloon ties. Look at the burner, check out the basket ... If you have a question feel free to ask it!

Abed: Could we go to space?
Shirley: Could we fly to heaven?
Jeff: I’d rather fly to Vegas!
Balloon guide: It’s getting time to ride the balloon!
The Study group: YES! Now this is adventure! About to go soon! We’re gonna go anywhere in a balloon!
The Study group: YES! This is adventure! We’re starting to fly! We can see everything here in the sky!
The Study group: This is adventure! The beautiful weather and now outside ... and we're fine...
Jeff: As long as we have a balloon guide...