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The 5 As

"The 5 As"
Air date: August 20, 2009 — Season: One — Featuring: Patrick Isakson
Summary: A four part web exclusive that explores the campus of Greendale Community College

Greendale will blow your mind and your body! Won't you get to know us better?
Patrick Isakson

The Five As is a webisode series that was put online before Community's pilot aired. They are set up as informational videos about enrolling at Greendale Community College and feature Community creator Dan Harmon in the role of "Professor Patrick Isakson" They debuted exclusively on on August 20, 2009.

The webisodes[]

   "Episode One: "Accessibility""
"It's hard to believe this place used to be an animal rendering plant."
Featuring: Patrick Isakson

Professor Isaakson explains that it's worth enrolling at Greendale if the college is close to where you live. Also, the campus has been upgraded since the accident to be handicap accessible.

   "Episode Two: "Affordability""
"You know other university's may wonder "Who do you think you are?" Here at Greendale we think you are"
Featuring: Patrick Isakson

Greendale is cheap and affordable since the introduction of the latest "No more than 64" promise. All classes are only 64 dollars each credit hour.

   "Episode Three and Four: "Air conditioning and Awesome new friends""
"Air Conditioning...Is there anything cooler than that?."
Featuring: Patrick Isakson, Brody Leitz

During the summer Greendale has Air Conditioning in every classroom. The school also boasts a wide variety of campus clubs and activities to take part in.

   "Episode Five: "A lot of classes""
"But who wants to listen to two more minutes of blahblahblah from this old jerk."
Featuring: Patrick Isakson, "Tune-ition Payments"

The campus a capella group "Tune-ittion Payments" perform a special song showcasing the curriculum to be found at Greendale.


"The 5 As" features many characters exclusive to the webisode who have not officially been introduced on the show itself. They are still considered canon however, particularly Patrick Isakson who was portrayed by show creator Dan Harmon. A few of the characters like Andrew Peters and Becky Chan have appeared prominently in other webisodes. Actress Angela Trimbur is the only one so far who has not only appeared in several webisodes ("The 5 As", "Dean Pelton's Office Hours") but also has been featured on the show too ("Romantic Expressionism", "Anthropology 101").