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The Community College Chronicles

"The Community College Chronicles"
Air date: November 11, 2009 — Season: One — Featuring: Andrew Peters, Sara Flack, Kelsey Roberts, Alan Bruder, Dioni Snyder
Summary: A web series from Abed Nadir about a group of unlikely friends at a community college.

Troy, "Debate 109".

"The Community College Chronicles" is a series of short films online by student filmmaker Abed Nadir for the Greendale A/V Club. It's based on his friends in his Spanish Study group. Not only do the actors eerily mimic the individual members personalities but the episodes seem to predict the actual study groups future. When confronted by the group about it Abed claimed that he wasn't prescient but simply a student of human nature. He was able to correctly predict the group's future so well after having closely observed their behavior. The videos first appearance was in the Season One episode "Debate 109".



   "The Community College Chronicles: "My Hobo Days""
"Uh, should I get a runway full of ice cubes? 'Cause you all need to cool your jets."
Featuring: Abed's study group

Featuring a reworking of the events in "Home Economics" it shows Jeff homeless and living out of his car.

   "The Community College Chronicles: "Pop Quiz""
"This is like the movie "Twilight" but with werewolves."
Featuring: Abed's study group

Featuring a reworking of the events in "Debate 109" except this had "Britta" accidentally placing a Spanish werewolf curse on "Troy".

"What is going on here? My doody meter is going crazy!"
Featuring: Abed's study group

Featuring a recreation of events in "Communication Studies" with a child named Leo portraying Ben Chang.