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The Doppel Gang

     The Doppel Gang  
First appearance: "Contemporary Impressionists" — Meeting area: Unknown — Purpose: Impersonate celebrities
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Vinnie is the owner of The Doppel Gang, the celebrity impersonator agency.
— Abed, "Contemporary Impressionists".

The Doppel Gang is a company which provides celebrity impersonators as entertainment for parties or other special events. They also made their services available for private one-on-one engagements. The owner of business was a man named Vinnie who himself used to be an impersonator of the actor French Stewart. The name is a play on the German word "Doppelgänger" which means a double or look-a-like. The Doppel Gang's first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Contemporary Impressionists".

Character history[]

In the study group's third year at Greendale, Abed hires a number of celebrity impersonators from "The Doppelgäng" agency. He uses them to reenact scenes from his favorite movies over the Winter break. Unfortunately, he starts to rack up a large debt on these "rentals" which angers the owner of the company Vinnie. He personally goes to Greendale to collect on the payments that are due and finds Abed in the campus cafeteria having lunch with his friends. Upon seeing the faces of the study group, Vinnie suggested that they help his crew on an upcoming gig to help pay off Abed's debt. After some deliberation they all agreed but privately Vinnie warns Troy that if it doesn't go smoothly he will break Abed's legs.

The study group shows up on the weekend showed up along with the rest of the Doppel Gang for a Bar Mitzvah party being held in honor of Howie Schwartz. Vinnie gives them instructions to remain in character and stay in their assigned quadrants at the event. Abed ignores his orders and fraternizes with the other impressionists much to Troy's horror. Troy does his best to not only reign Abed in but also Britta who is concerned with Jeff's psychological state due to his over medication of anti-anxiety pills. Meanwhile, Ben Chang is providing security for the party thanks to his brother. He recruits the children at the party to be his new security force at Greendale. He then meets a Moby impersonator and comes up with an audacious plan to take over the school.

Elsewhere, Britta leaves her area to check on Jeff who seems to be losing control of his ego due to several adult female party goers fawning over him.

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The Doppelgäng[]

Not Pictured: Fake Walter Matthau. The only one allowed to fart, burp and cuss. Portrayed by James