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The Ears Have It

  The Ears Have It  
First appearance: "Advanced Safety Features"Owned by: Abed NadirUsed by: Save Greendale Committee, The Perrys
Purpose: Board game— Made by: Unknown   PHOTO ICON

The Ears Have It, the classic game of whose ears you have, which ears have it and whether or not you have those ears!
— Abed, "Advanced Safety Features".

Annie and Abed introduce The Ears Have It
Annie and Abed introduce The Ears Have It.
"The Ears Have It" is a board game which was very popular back in the 1990's. It involved the gimmick of wearing headbands with pictures of ears. Abed Nadir and Annie Edison found a copy of the game hoping that its nostalgia would score them points from their fellow Save Greendale Committee member Elroy Patashnik. The game's first appearance was in the Season Six episode "Advanced Safety Features".


During the 2014-2015 semester at Greendale, former inventor Elroy Patashnik joined the Save Greendale Committee and was hired as the new head of I.T. at school. While congenial with the committee members during the meetings he mostly kept to himself afterwards. Annie and Abed decided to invite Elroy to a non-committee gathering to get to know him better. They discussed this with Jeff who scoffed at their plans even after seeing their secret weapon, a 1990's board game called "The Ears Have It". To Jeff's amazement, Annie and Abed's idea worked and Elroy had a great time playing the game with them and Ben Chang.

Abed, Elroy, Annie and Chang play The Ears Have It
Abed, Elroy, Annie and Chang play The Ears Have It.
At the same time Britta reconnected with her former lover Rick who was now a corporate shill for Honda. They officially became a couple (both professionally and privately) and Britta even introduced Rick to her parents. However, due Rick's obsession with his job their latest romantic tryst came to an abrupt end. To get her mind off things, Britta went to see her parents again and they played the game "The Ears Have It". George and Deb had a hard time understanding the rules but eventually got the hang of it. Britta stormed out of their house annoyed at how they had such a solid relationship and could easily guess each other's ears ("Advanced Safety Features").

The Perry's try to figure out the rules of the game
The Perrys try to figure out the rules of the game.
Towards the end of the semester, Frankie banned Paintball Assassin contests on the campus grounds. This led to the formation of an underground paintball tournament which the committee (sans Jeff) were participating in. When Jeff found his friends in the study room armed with paintball guns he demanded they stop playing for Frankie's sake. However, Jeff himself was drawn back into the game when he was forced to dispatch several paintball attackers. He and the committee quickly covered up their actions before Frankie showed to the meeting. Everyone pretended to be playing a spirited game of "The Ears Have It" to cover up their illegal paintball shenanigans ("Modern Espionage").

The committee pretends to play the game
The committee pretends to play the game.



Players donned head bands with pictures of particular types of ears. The players would not know what ears they had on but it would be visible to the others. The goal of the game was for players to correctly guess what ears they themselves were wearing by asking the other players specific questions.

Types of ears[]



"The Ears Have It" is an homage to the Spinmaster board game "Hedbanz". The "Community" version essentially borrows the same gameplay and visual style. In the original game players also don headbands which has a card bearing a particular item. The first person to correctly guess what they are wins.