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As you can see I am resurrecting the Greendale Gazette Journal Mirror !
Dean Pelton, "Investigative Journalism".

Gazette Journal Mirror Blanket fort headline
A copy of the Gazette Journal Mirror.
The Gazette Journal Mirror was the school newspaper for Greendale Community College. The paper had been shut down for an unknown period of time until Dean Pelton reactivated it during the 2010 semester. Several years after its relaunch, the newspaper was split into three separate publications, "The Greendale Gazette", "The Greendale Mirror" and the Spanish language imprint "Las Noticias Hispanicas de Greendale". By 2015, the three newspapers appear to have re-combined. The first appearance of The Gazette Journal Mirror was in the Season One episode "Investigative Journalism".


Season One[]

In the study group's first year at Greendale, Dean Pelton decided to start publishing the campus newspaper The Gazette Journal Mirror again. After assembling a staff of student volunteers, Pelton offered the position of Student Editor to Jeff Winger. Pelton got him to accept by offering Jeff his own office and an English credit. At first Jeff didn't take the job seriously and assigned his reporters to ostensibly investigate beer and pizza places just to have them delivered to his office. Abed Nadir and Annie Edison from his study group were also volunteering at the newspaper. Abed was aware of his subtle manipulations but Annie took a job title Jeff gave her as an "Ace Newshound" to heart.

Jeff shown his new office
Pelton shows Jeff his new office.
She got a scoop about a mass text message that was sent specifically to African American students at Greendale back in October. Someone alerted them to a Toni Braxton concert on the campus quad which had been rescheduled. Annie discovered it was Dean Pelton who sent the text and planned a huge exposé on Racial profiling. Pelton met with Annie at the Mirror's offices to explain his side but she stubbornly refused to listen. Pelton went to Jeff to try and kill the story but he couldn't get Annie to stop either; she believed that breaking a huge story would help her apply for Journalism scholarships. However, after some unpleasant study group business with Buddy happened, an angry Jeff yelled at Annie to drop the story.

Annie and Pelton in the newsroom
Annie and Pelton in the newsroom.
Later in his office, Abed tried to cheer up Jeff who was down about how he handled both situations. He had hoped to assume a more carefree attitude but couldn't maintain the façade and blew his cool. Abed offered that Jeff was like "Hawkeye" from the classic TV show M*A*S*H. When the time came they dropped the cool guy act and turned into the natural leaders they were. Jeff wondered what was in it for him when Annie walked in and apologized for wanting to pursue the Pelton story. She told him she respected him too much to ever want to be the reason he was ever upset. Jeff was touched by her statement and realized this was one of the benefits of being a leader ("Investigative Journalism").

Jeff and Abed in his office
Jeff and Abed in his office.
Later in the year, Jeff and the study group were bothered when they were unable to get a share of Chicken Fingers, the best food served in the cafeteria. The fry cook Star-Burns abused his position by giving the food to a select few in order to increase his popularity. Jeff concocted a plan involving the Greendale Gazette Journal Mirror to remove Star-Burns from his position. He had Britta flirt with Star-Burns so Annie could secretly take photos of him unfairly giving the food away. Using his position as editor of the newspaper, Jeff published the pictures with a corresponding news article on the front page. Once the scandal was exposed, Star-Burns was fired and the group got him replaced by Abed so they could take over the Chicken fingers distribution ("Contemporary American Poultry").

CAP Scandal
The newspaper reports on Star-Gate.

Season Two[]

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Troy and Abed built a Blanketsburg in his dorm room. The construction of the fort spilled outside to the hallways and soon spread throughout the building. Troy and Abed's fun ended after they saw the latest copy of the Gazette Journal Mirror. The headline read that a blanket fort craze was sweeping the nation on other college campuses. Not liking that their creation had gone mainstream, the duo initiated a self destruct device which collapsed their blanket fort ("Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design").

CTAID The Blanket fort craze
The newspaper reports on the Blanket fort craze.

Season Three[]

In the study group's third year at Greendale, Dean Pelton was tasked by the school board to shoot a new commercial for the college. The shoot went over budget and continued longer than scheduled due to Pelton's desire to film the perfect commercial. As filming dragged on, the Gazette Journal Mirror published several front page articles covering the production. The articles got increasingly negative as they started to question Pelton's methods and suggesting the project would end in disaster. The reporting started to get to the Dean who asked the paper to stop quoting him. The newspapers predictions came true as cast and crew abandoned the production amidst Pelton's eventual mental breakdown ("Documentary Filmmaking: Redux").

3x08-Dean Pelton newspaper 1
One of several front page articles on Dean Pelton.

Season Five[]

In Annie Edison's fifth year at Greendale, a campus menace who was dormant for a time appeared once more. At this point the Gazette Journal Mirror split into three separate newspapers, "The Gazette", "The Mirror" and the Spanish paper "Las Noticias Hispanicas de Greendale". The three papers had a meeting to name the assailant the "Ass Crack Bandit" after his modus operandi of dropping quarters down exposed derrières. Annie kept a scrap book which contained campus newspaper articles on the Bandit investigation. She later used the information to come up with a controversial theory as to the Bandits identity when the perpetrator struck again ("Basic Intergluteal Numismatics").

Ass Crack Bandit article
One of several articles on The "Ass Crack Bandit".

Season Six[]

In Dean Pelton's sixth year at Greendale, he was offered a seat on the School Board by Richie and Carl if he became openly gay. Struggling with the decision at first (as being gay was only partially true) he embraced it after Jeff and Frankie supported him and pointed out the good he could do in the position. He held a press conference and shortly after an article appeared in the Gazette Journal Mirror and several other publications including "Gay Gazine", "Greendale Gay Watch", "Dean's Health", "Gay Administrator", "Greendale Times" and "Latino Colorado" ("Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing").

S06E04-Gazette Journal Mirror
Who edits those titles?



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