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The Greasy Fork

The Greasy Fork    OFF CAMPUS
Purpose : Diner — PHOTO ICON Gallery —Location details
First appearance: "Critical Film Studies"

Employees: Brian (manager), Britta (ex-waitress)
Visitors: The Study Group, Ben Chang

After they get frightened by the evening news many seek the comfort of a pre-racial America.
Brian, "Critical Film Studies".

The Greasy Fork is a 1950's nostalgia themed diner. At one point, Britta Perry used to work there and it was used by Jeff Winger to host a Birthday party for Abed Nadir. It's only appearance was in the Season Two episode "Critical Film Studies".


The Greasy Fork keeps the traditional layout and floor plan of American diners with a service counter wand floor stools serving as the main area. The diner is decorated in an Art Deco style with red and black tiled floors. A small waiting area is set up at the entrance for seating purposes and a rows of booths are lined alongside the windows. 1950's style accouterments and furniture such as a jukebox, posters, and neon lights set the nostalgic mood. Employees wear green vests over white shirts with matching bow ties and arm bands.


In the study group's second year together at Greendale, Jeff is concerned about Abed who recently had a mental breakdown before Christmas break ("Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas").  In order to keep his spirits up, he organized a Birthday party a few months later patterned after one of Abed's favorite films "Pulp Fiction". In keeping with the theme, he decides to hold it at the 1950's nostalgia diner called The Greasy Spoon. At the time Britta worked there as a waitress and was able to get her boss Brian to agree to rent out the facility for the event. When the birthday arrived, Jeff had each study group members, along with Ben Chang, dress as a character from "Pulp Fiction" and had them wait at the diner while he went to get Abed. He hadn't foreseen that Abed had plans of his own which would end up ruining Jeff's surprise party.

These plans included having dinner with Jeff in a fancy restaurant and having his first "real" conversation with him free of pop culture or meta references. Jeff phoned Britta about the delay while he tried to convince Abed to come with him. Back at the diner, Britta informed the rest of the study group Jeff and Abed would be late and they all waited anxiously for them to arrive. Troy started to feel slightly upset that Jeff had gone to such lengths for his best friend and began to feel jealous. Chang decided to fan those feelings and began taunting Troy as to what was the special present Jeff had gotten for Abed.