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The Orb

  The Orb  
First appearance: "Geothermal Escapism" — Owned by: ShirleyUsed by: Troy and Abed
Purpose: Zorbing— Made by: creating a human-sized hamster ball   PHOTO ICON

You're not really playing Shirley, you're a merchant and more power to you but don't withhold power from others just to make money. We want The Orb.
Abed, "Geothermal Escapism".

The Orb
The Orb in action.
The Orb is a legendary artifact whose power was sought after by many in a fiery conflict that raged across the Greendale campus. The spherical shell served not just as a means of transportation but also provided a protective shield for its users. The item came into possession of a neutral party to the event, one who was hesitant to use its power but also unwilling to let others have it. The Orb was safely hidden until the time came when its power was needed. Its first appearance was in the Season Five episode "Geothermal Escapism".


In the study group's fifth year at Greendale, a campus wide contest evolved into a life-or-death struggle to not fall into imaginary lava. As the competition heated up, tales of a game changing item known only as "The Orb" surfaced amongst the players. Abed Nadir got wind of this rumor and its connection to his friend Shirley Bennett. Along with his floor striding companion Troy, Abed travelled to her home base to acquire the object. It was an oasis from the ongoing battle called "Shirley's Island" located inside the cafeteria. Upon their arrival, Shirley cordially welcomed them but feigned ignorance when asked directly about "The Orb". Abed argued that since she has no intention of using it herself she should just give it to him.

What Orb?
Orb? What Orb?
As they spoke, the alliance of Professor Buzz Hickey and Britta Perry arrived. They were accompanied by Hickey's chair-walker soldiers who breached the island's defenses and on Britta's orders started tearing apart the base. Although the island inhabitants bravely fought off the invaders, they were outnumbered. Abed pleaded with Shirley to hand over "The Orb" to save the island but she told him it's not what he thinks it is. She then revealed the foundation of the Island is "The Orb" itself. She had sealed the item away, aware that its power could upset the balance of the game. With Hickey's forces bearing down on them and the Island nearly destroyed, she relented and gave "The Orb" to Troy and Abed.

The Orb is the island
The Orb is the island.
Troy and Abed entered the spherical vehicle and burst out of the remains of Shirley's headquarters eliminating a few chair-walkers, who fell to their "deaths". Hickey himself entered the field of battle atop his Juggernaut and challenged the duo to a game of Chicken. Troy and Abed accepted and rolled "The Orb" into a head on collision with the motorized desk. At the last moment, Hickey turned avoiding the sphere and Troy prematurely celebrated. The professor's maneuver was shown to be a feint so he could slash their vehicle with his knife. "The Orb" slowly started to deflate and Troy and Abed retreated into the hallways. Along the way, they knocked over Star-Burns into the "lava" before they ended up entering the library.

Troy and Abed VS Hickey
Troy and Abed vs Hickey.
They were closely pursued by Hickey who was accompanied by Britta on his motorized desk. Britta jumped from her vehicle to the top of the sphere, hoping to talk some sense into the pair. They ignored her attempts at therapizing them and instead steered the Orb toward a doorway. Britta jumped off onto a nearby bookshelf while the sphere rolled into the library's basement. Troy and Abed exited the sphere when it came to a stop after hitting some barrels. They jumped onto some nearby metal shelving units as the Orb deflated. Britta and Hickey followed them by using a bookcase to slide down the stairs. Hickey used the deflated Orb to strike a bookshelf creating a domino effect that hit the ones Troy and Abed had perched on ("Geothermal Escapism").

Butts touched
Sorry our butts touched.



Zorbing is a recreational activity involving one or more people rolling, usually downhill, inside a large transparent sphere made of plastic. The first Zorbing site was established in Rotorua, New Zealand, by David and Andrew Akers. The orbs can be harnessed for two passengers or non-harnessed for up to three riders. Although an inclined plain is generally used, Zorbing is also done on level surface allowing a greater degree of control.