• Was doing some research on a few pages on this site and stumbled across another wiki dedicated to Community:

    Content wise it's pretty barren in comparison to this one and seems to have been abandoned as it hasn't been updated since Season Two. Just curious as to how it affects this wiki and wether or not it should be allowed to continue to stay up.

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    • Wikia allows anyone to create a wiki of thier choosing and fully allows duplicates. Usually one wiki stands champion and gains all the readers and editors (which this one is doing).

      There has only been one edit on that wiki in the past 30 days and I would agree with you -- content-wise it pales in comparison. Wikia can close and merge wikis -- but that's not really my area. What I'd advise you to do is go through greendale.wikia and see if there's any information you want from that wiki on this one. Then reply here and I'll see if I can get the OK to merge them.

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    • From what I saw most of the written stiuff was cut and pasted from wikipedia. There were a few photos I was going to grab but wasn't sure if it was allowed, you beat me to the punch by grabbing the Duncan one. I'll look at it some more and see what else I can find. BTW, by the same token couldn't whoever's over there or someone else who creates another Community wiki grab all the articles, pages I've created and written and just dump it onto thier site? That'd really suck.

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    • That's the nature of wikis -- anyone can take the content you've created and reproduce it elsewhere. It rarely rarely happens though. I think you're in a very safe position.

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