• Playing the character of Dean Craig Pelton has got to be difficult but Jim Rash makes it look effortless. He makes the Dean so human, so likeable that it is easy to overlook the obvious obesssion he has with race (that would normally make me hate him). Any other actor might make the Dean a caricature that no one cares about but Jim Rash plays him with such frailty and richness (wish I had better vocabulary) that it is very easy to care about this quirky little man.¬†

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    • Totally agree.

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    • while i agree that jim rash is BONKERS AMAZING, it helps that he's the one chosen to play dean pelton...if you know what i mean...

      in the original script, the role wasn't written for someone like him but for a stodgy fellow...which probably explains the wedding ring in the pilot episode because that was probably the original slant. but when jim rash was cast, the writers would eventually tailor fit the role for jim rash...unlike his mother's ring.

      troy was also written for an 'all-american guy'...which means it was initially for a white person

      and jeff winger's actually jeff crocker...

      check it out

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    • According to Yvette Nicole Brown in this interview, another actor (this guy) was first cast as Dean Pelton before he was replaced by Jim Rash.

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    • @ultimateatomicbuster

      • jaw drops*...look at joel mchale's clothes...must be from burberry or snooty. lols
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    • I'm not a clothes horse so I didn't really notice. As they said in the interview though the writers added elements of the actors back story and personality into the characters. I dont think the vain part of Jeff was too much of a stretch for Joel.

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    • i agree. it's a little sad, though. he did say that people think that he's playing himself on community. i haven't seen him in sons of anarchy and deliver us from evil, but i have seen him in ted and what's your number and the informant! before watching community, and i remember saying 'oh, it's him again.' and his characters are just different versions of jeff.

      so he's become this go-to guy for kind of root for joel mchale to bag a role that isn't as 'done-it'. i thought he nailed it when he impersonated dean pelton. i also think the 'chris pratt' joke in season six was a jab at that, because joel mchale could also very well play starlord as he's an egotistical rebel leader who will have your back when the going gets jeff winger.

      but yeah...jeff winger DOES occasionally wear genuine designer duds on set. i kind of find out as i was looking at abed's endless threadless shirt count on worntv and kind of crossed over to jeff and was like 'wuuuuuuuut?'

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