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  Domestic operative
CODENAME: Three Kids
Three Kids
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NAME: Shirley Bennett    RANK: Unknown
(Military Operations and Tactical Espionage Reconnaissance)

Shirley Bennett is a mother of three who divides her time between staying at home and serving in G.I. JOE™ to battle the evil forces of COBRA™!

Three kids, get off the phone, we're in the middle of the battle!Flint


Oh screw you Flint! I'm trying to fight the battle of having three kids!!
— Three Kids

Three Kids - Castle Geekskull
"Three Kids" action figure
(Image courtesy of Castle Geekskull)
Three Kids was Jeff Winger's reimagining of Shirley Bennett. She existed in a G.I. JOE™ themed reality dreamt up by Jeff when he fell into a coma. Three Kids was a member of a squad led by Jeff's alter ego "Wingman" which came to be known as the "G.I. JOE™ Mutineers". She was a quick tempered mother of three who would interject into conversations how many children she had. Three Kids' first appearance was in the Season Five episode "G.I. Jeff". She is voiced by actress Yvette Nicole Brown.

Character history[]

A peaceful day in the country India was disturbed when the forces of the terrorist organization known as COBRA™ converged on the Taj Mahal. Commanded by the villainous Destro, his ground troops marched towards the target while approached from the sky leading a squadron of Rattler's. Destro ordered his soldiers to attack and launched a missile at the building. It was unexpectedly shot down by the just arrived G.I. JOE™ Team. Assigned to this mission was Three Kids and the rest of her squad Wingman, Tight Ship and Buzzkill. As she traded gunfire with the enemy, Three Kids was on the phone with her kids arguing about whether they could eat ice cream..

The CO Flint told Three Kids to focus on the battle only to have her respond that she had more important matters to attend to. Flint was shocked by not only her attitude but also the similar insubordination demonstrated by her fellow squad members Buzzkill and Tight Ship. Wingman flew down using his Wingjetpack and reprimanded his team for slacking in their duties. Buzzkill challenged Jeff to show them how it was done which he did by taking out Destro's Rattler and shooting out his parachute. The other Joes watched in horror as Destro plummeted to the ground and died. In the aftermath, Three Kids and her squad was brought before a tribunal and charged with violence, mature language and conduct unbecoming of a G.I. JOE™.

At the trial, Three Kids interrupted Wingman's opening argument interjecting to the tribunal that she had three kids. The tribunal found the squad guilty and sent Three Kids and her teammates to the brig. Tight Ship pointed out they were locked up with other Joe rejects as Three Kids lamented their situation. One of their fellow prisoners introduced himself as "Fourth Wall" and told them his theory about their reality. Three Kids believed him to be crazy but Fourth Wall continued and told them about a recent mission he undertook. He infiltrated a COBRA™ excavation site codenamed "Greendale" and brought back a mysterious artifact, a toy action figure. Three Kids was unimpressed but Wingman lost consciousness after seeing it and hearing the word "Greendale".

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Three Kids' seems to be an homage to the character of Stalker, the first prominent African American member of the G.I. JOE™ team from the Real American Hero franchise.

Stalker G.I. JOE
Stalker from G.I. JOE RAH.