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First appearance: "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking" — Owned by: Pierce, AnnieUsed by: Pierce, Annie
Purpose: ornamental head band— Made by: unknown   PHOTO ICON

You gave me a tiara what does that mean? Are they blood diamonds? Are they Holocaust diamonds!?
— Annie, "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking".

Annie receives the tiara
Annie recieves the tiara.
The tiara was a parting gift Pierce Hawthorne left in his will to friend and fellow study group member Annie Edison. He had previously tried to give her the tiara in their sophomore year together but she returned it to him. When Pierce died she received it again after participating in a polygraph test. Its first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking".


Season Two[]

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Pierce overdosed on some prescription medication and wound up in the hospital. He decided to take the opportunity to get back at his friends for the disrespect he perceived they were showing him all year. Pierce pretended to be on his death bed and had Abed and the medical staff assist him in his ruse. He summoned each of the study group members to his room where he gave most of them a personal bequeathal designed to mess with their heads. However, to Annie he simply gave an expensive diamond embedded tiara. She confronted Pierce about it but he simply told her she was his favorite. Misunderstanding that it was some kind of warped lesson he was trying to teach her she gave back the tiara. She was unaware that Pierce truly did consider her his favorite and the gift had no strings attached ("Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking").

2x16 Annie tries to figure out her bequeathal
Annie tries to figure out her bequeathal.

Season Five[]

Sometime after the study group graduated form Greendale, everyone but Pierce returned for another year at school. He had been banned from the campus due to a sexual harassment lawsuit and passed away not long after his friends re-enrolled. A man named Mr. Stone executed instructions in Pierce's will to subject his former study group to a polygraph test in order to receive their bequeathals. Once it was over, Annie was reminded that Pierce always considered her his favorite. She was then requeathed the tiara he tried to give her years ago. Annie was told it was the same tiara Pierce was forced to wear as a child when he was verbally assaulted by his mother for not being a girl. Like the others Annie was also given a canister of Pierce's sperm ("Cooperative Polygraphy").

Annie's other bequeathal
Annie's other bequeathal.