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CODENAME: Tight Ship
Tight Ship
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NAME: Annie Edison    RANK: Petty Officer

Annie Edison was a former Adderall addict who joined G.I. JOE™ in the never ending fight against the evil forces of COBRA™!

Look at the rack I gave you! Those can stay there for an're welcome!Wingman


Um, excuse me sir? Why is COBRA™ attacking a tourist attraction with zero tactical value and, with all due respect to India, why are we defending it?
— Tight Ship

Tight Ship - Castle Geekskull
"Tight Ship" action figure
Image courtesy of Castle Geekskull
"Tight Ship" was a codename given to Jeff Winger's reimagining of Annie Edison. She existed in a "G.I. JOE™" themed reality dreamt up by Jeff when he fell into a coma. Tight Ship was a member of a squad led by "Wingman" who became known as the "G.I. JOE™ Mutineers". Although her revealing uniform was criticized by her teammate Buzzkill, she was an effective soldier. Tight Ship's first appearance was in the Season Five episode "G.I. Jeff". She is voiced by actress Alison Brie.

Character history[]

A peaceful day in the country of India was disturbed when the forces of the terrorist organization known as COBRA™ converged on the Taj Mahal. Ground troops commanded by the villainous Destro marched towards the target while he approached from the sky leading a squadron of Rattler's. Destro ordered his soldiers to attack and launched a missile at the palace. It was unexpectedly intercepted by a rocket fired by the just arrived G.I. JOE™ Team. Assigned to this mission was Tight Ship and the rest of her squad Wingman, Buzzkill and Three Kids. As she traded gunfire with the enemy, she asked why a terrorist group would attack a tourist attraction and more importantly why American soldiers were protecting it. Flint, the CO of the operation, told Tight Ship that she can change the way the Joe team operates when she gets her own command.

Buzzkill sarcastically replied that should happen soon since Tight Ship's uniform exposed so much cleavage. Flint was appalled at her coarse remark along with Three Kids indifferent attitude toward the battle. Wingman flew down using his Wingjetpack and reprimanded his team for making him look bad. Buzzkill told Wingman to show them how it was done and he did so by taking out Destro's Rattler. The enemy was forced to eject and Wingman decided to shoot his parachute to prevent him from escaping. The other Joes watched in horror as Destro plummeted to the ground and died. In the aftermath, Tight Ship and her squad was charged with violence, mature language and conduct unbecoming of a G.I. JOE™. When they returned to base they were all brought before a tribunal to answer those charges.

Before Wingman could defend the squad, Tight Ship spoke on the microphone and cut him off. She stated how disorganized G.I. JOE™ was while Buzzkill chimed in about everyone's lack of rank and odd uniforms. Wingman silenced his subordinates and argued to the tribunal that his actions were necessary when pitted against a ruthless terrorist organization. However, he went too far after claiming that if they didn't kill COBRA™ they might as well kill themselves. The tribunal then sent Wingman, Tight Ship, Buzzkill and Three Kids to the brig. Tight Ship noticed they were locked up with other G.I. JOE™ rejects like "Deep Dish", "Shark Arms", "Weird Head", "Home Free", "Placeholder" and "Sleep Apnea". Amongst them was Joe codenamed "Fourth Wall" who introduced himself to Tight Ship and her squad.

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  • "Tight Ship" wears a modified outfit of what was once the standard working uniform of an American Naval servicemen. It seems to be an homage to the G.I. JOE™ codenamed "Shipwreck" who wore a less revealing version.
  • The codename "Tight Ship" is a reference to the idiom "running a tight ship" which alludes to Annie's management style of the Study group and Save Greendale Committee.
  • It could also be a reference to the character of Annie being "shipped" frequently by fans of "Community" with other characters on the show. Annie's possible romantic pairings with Troy, Jeff, Abed, and even Britta have vocal followings within the fandom.

Shipwreck wearing a more modest uniform.