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Tim Hobert
Tim Hobert
Occupation: Writer, producer
Also known for: "Scrubs"
Work on Community
Title: Writer, Co-executive producer
Writing debut: "Spanish 101"
Active on Community: 2009-2010

I basically bait-and-switched him. I duped him into becoming another me.
— Tim Hobert on tricking his brother to become his assistant

Tim Hobert is an American writer and producer who  has worked in the television industry since the late 1990's. He is the middle of five brothers and has worked with his youngest one Michael Hobert on several TV shows. During his time on the NBC sitcom "Scrubs" he worked alongside producers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan. He worked with them again on Community where he wrote and produced a number of episodes. He left after Season One and moved on to the ABC sitcom "The Middle". He currently has a number of projects in development with his brother Micheal. He is represented by the United Talent Agency.


Between 1996 and 2002 he had worked on the ABC sitcom "Spin City". He followed this up by with a three year run on Scrubs where he worked as an executive producer, co-executive producer, and consulting producer. Afterwards, he worked on the Fox sitcom "Till Death" before moving on to spend a year on "Community". He left the show in 2010 at the end of the first year and is currently a working as a producer and writer on the ABC sitcom "The Middle" . On October 20, 2011, it was announced that Tim and his brother Mike had sold a semi-autobiographical sitcom to NBC based on their real life working relationship. On September 10, 2012, it was announced on that he and his brother Michael Hobert had sold another sitcom to CBS.

The Hobert brothers


Co-Executive producer

"Spanish 101" (24 September 2009) - co-executive producer

"Introduction to Film" (1 October 2009) - co-executive producer

"Social Psychology" (8 October 2009) - co-executive producer

"Advanced Criminal Law" (15 October 2009) - co-executive producer

"Football, Feminism and You (22 October 2009) - co-executive producer

"Introduction to Statistics" (29 October 2009) - co-executive producer

"Home Economics" (5 November 2009) - co-executive producer

"Environmental Science" (19 November 2009) - co-executive producer

"The Politics of Human Sexuality" (3 December 2009) - co-executive producer

"Comparative Religion" (10 December 2009) - co-executive producer

"Interpretive Dance" (21 January 2010) - co-executive producer

"Romantic Expressionism" (4 February 2010) - co-executive producer

"Communication Studies" (11 February 2010) - co-executive producer

"Physical Education" (4 March 2010) - co-executive producer

"Basic Genealogy" (11 March 2010) - co-executive producer

"Beginner Pottery" (18 March 2010) - co-executive producer

"The Science of Illusion" (25 March 2010) - co-executive producer

"Contemporary American Poultry" (22 April 2010) - co-executive producer

"The Art of Discourse" (29 April 2010) - co-executive producer

"Modern Warfare" (6 May 2010) - co-executive producer

"English as a Second Language" (13 May 2010) - co-executive producer , Writer (written by)

"Pascal's Triangle Revisited" (20 May 2010) - co-executive producer


"Introduction to Film" (1 October 2009) - Writer

"Introduction to Statistics" (29 October 2009) - Writer

"Debate 109" (12 November 2009) - Writer and co-executive producer

"Investigative Journalism" (14 January 2010) - Writer (written by) and co-executive producer

"English as a Second Language" (13 May 2010) - Writer (written by)

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