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Tiny Man
Tiny Man
Portrayed by: Andy Dick
First appearance: "Aerodynamics of Gender"
Last appearance: "Early 21st Century Romanticism"
Home town: Pierce's imagination
Occupation: Draganflyer pilot, Enabler
Reason for visit: convince Pierce to O.D.


That moonwalk back there was streets ahead, buddy!
— Tiny Man, "Early 21st Century Romanticism".

Tiny Man
Tiny Man portrayed by Andy Dick.
Tiny Man was a drug induced hallucination of Pierce. He wore a pilot's uniform since Pierce first imagined him piloting a remote controlled helicopter toy he bought. In essence he was simply Pierces own Id that encouraged him to continue behaving badly and to abuse his prescription medicine. His first appearance was in "Aerodynamics of Gender". He is portrayed by comedian Andy Dick.

Character history[]

In the study group's second year together at Greendale, Pierce seriously injures himself by "double bouncing" with Troy on a trampoline. After breaking both his legs and being confined to a wheelchair, he becomes addicted to the prescription drugs to deal with the pain. He starts to experience vivid hallucinations which include seeing a Tiny Man. He was a drug induced manifestation based on a joke Pierce had made about a tiny person piloting a Draganflyer remote controlled helicopter he owned. The Tiny Man told Pierce to ignore his doctor's warning about exceeding his pain pill dosages. The study group watched on apprehensively as Pierce interacted with his imaginary friend ("Aerodynamics of Gender").

Tiny Man tiny pilot
The Tiny Man's first appearance.
The Tiny Man is next seen during the following semester on Valentines Day. Pierce had fully recuperated from his injuries and was no longer using a wheelchair. The Tiny Man appeared to Pierce while he was drinking at the water fountain and commended him for his improvised dance steps at the last study session. He then tempted Pierce into taking more medication by making the pills look like candy. He showed up again when Pierce later attended the Valentines Day dance at school. Annie approached Pierce while they were "talking" and told him how concerned she and the study group were about his behavior. After she left, the Tiny Man became possessive and told Pierce he was unwilling to share him. He then directed Pierce's attention to Page and Britta who were making a spectacle of themselves on the dance floor. ("Early 21st Century Romanticism").

2X15 Be mine
The Tiny Man returns.


The casting of Andy Dick as the Tiny Man is probably a reference to his own real-life drug abuse and subsequent rehab.