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Toby Weeks
Portrayed by: Matt Lucas
First appearance: "Conventions of Space and Time"
Reason for visit: Abed Nadir


When you sent me that first e-mail in which you figured out that Inspector Spacetime is both his own grandfather and grandmother I knew we were soul mates!
— Toby, "Conventions of Space and Time".

Toby Weeks is an Inspector Spacetime fan who became friends with Abed over the internet due to their mutual love of the show. They meet for the first time face-to-face at the "InSpecTiCon", a fan convention in honor of the British TV show. His first appearance was in the Season Four episode "Conventions of Space and Time". He is portrayed by actor/comedian Matt Lucas.

Character history[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Abed met online a fellow Inspector Spacetime fan named Toby Weeks. He worked as a banker somewhere in Nigeria and Abed described him to Troy as the biggest Inspector Spacetime fan in the world. They had been e-mailing each other for months and become close while discussing the intricacies of the show. Toby and Abed agreed to meet in person at the Colorado InSpecTiCon convention. When Toby ran into some financial difficulties Abed lent him seven hundred pounds for the trip. He arrived at the convention cosplaying as the Third Inspector and met up with Abed who was dressed as the 1980's Inspector.

S04E03-Toby pays Abed back
Toby pays Abed back.
Toby repaid the money he owed with a check much to the surprise of Abed's best friend Troy and his girlfriend Britta. His dismissive attitude toward Troy went unnoticed by Abed, who asked Toby where his best friend Andrew was. He explained Andrew was unable to attend because of his wife. Toby mentioned tickets he had to a special convention panel and Abed postponed his plans with Troy. The four of them had lunch together, where Troy and Britta were disturbed at how in synch Toby and Abed were. Later at the panel, Troy crashed the event jealous of the Toby's relationship with Abed. When Toby again acted disrespectful towards him, Troy lost it and ended up making a huge scene before running off.

S04E03-Toby and Abed at the sold out panel
Toby and Abed at the sold-out panel.
Abed apologized for Troy's behavior and Toby likened it to his best friend Andrew who started acting strange after he got married. Toby then invited Abed to join him in England for the 50th annual Inspector Spacetime convention. Abed was reluctant unwilling to leave his friends, particularly Troy. Toby tried to convince him by insulting Troy and his own best friend, referring to them as "neurotypicals" unworthy of their friendship. Abed then tricked Toby by getting him to inadvertently admit he lied about having a best friend. Abed then told Toby that his friendship with Troy is like the relationship the Inspector has with his Constables, an equal partnership where they balance out each other's shortcomings.

S04E03-Toby traps Abed
Toby traps Abed in a replica of the X-7 Dimensionizer.