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Todd Jacobson
Portrayed by: DAVID NEHER
First appearance: "Competitive Ecology"
Last appearance: "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television"
Date of birth: UNKNOWN
Occupation: STUDENT


— Todd, "Basic Lupine Urology".

Todd as portrayed by David Neher.
Todd Jacobson is a highly decorated Iraq War veteran who served in the 4th Infantry Division and is currently a student at Greendale Community College. He has a wife and two children, a girl named Ellie and a newborn baby girl. He is attending Greendale because of a promise he made to his deceased father that he would graduate college. When he became the lab partner of Pierce, his easy going and accommodating nature clashed with the study group's over-the-top personalities. He is first introduced in the Season Three episode "Competitive Ecology". He appears in nine episodes in Seasons Three, Four and Six including the Season Six opener Ladders, working at Shirley's Sandwiches. He is portrayed by David Neher.

Character history[]

Season Three[]


–Todd, "Competitive Ecology".

School year synopsis

After being honorably discharged from the Army Todd Jacobson enrolled at Greendale Community College in 2011 to honor a promise he made to his father. One of his classes was Biology 101, where he was made lab partners with an older student named Pierce Hawthorne. However, Pierce's study group was given the option by the teacher Professor Marshall Kane to be paired with each other. Todd was held hostage until they made up their minds on the pairings and which of them would get stuck with him. Todd slowly got annoyed as the discussion took all night. Todd finally had enough after the group set a turtle on fire. He chastised them for being so selfish and stormed out. Months later, he became the top suspect when the study group's yam experiment was sabotaged. A makeshift courtroom was created by Professor Kane for Todd to prove his innocence. Todd's Uncle Nobby acting as his defense attorney. On the stand, Todd's guilt got the best of him while he being cross-examined by Annie Edison. He admitted he did accidentally ruin the study group's experiment. During Annie's co-counsel Jeff Winger's closing arguments, he closely scrutinized the other yam projects. Jeff discovered that all of they were all sabotaged, exonerating Todd. When this forced the true culprit Neil to admit his guilt, Todd cried tears of joy.

2011 - 2012 semester

In the study group's third year at Greendale, they were randomly assigned lab partners for the class they were talking together at the time, Biology 101. Unwilling to work with strangers, they managed to convince the teacher, Professor Marshall Kane, into letting them pair off within the the study group. They then individually "broke up" with their assigned lab partners and Pierce's partner, Todd Jacobson, took no offense aware that he would rather be with his friends. However, Pierce found himself the odd man out after the rest of the group immediately paired off and had to keep Todd on as his partner. Todd was later coerced into helping a paranoid Pierce spy on the rest of the study group. While they were hiding in the bushes watching the group unexpectedly congregate outside the library, Todd found a turtle.

Pierce emerged from their hiding place, dragging Todd out with him and confronted his friends. It's revealed everyone was unhappy with the lab partner they chose and wanted to switch. An emergency study group meeting was then held to select new partners and Todd was forced to attend, bringing along the turtle he found. In Group Study Room F, he endured the arguments they had amongst themselves while also taking in stride various backhanded insults they sent his way. As the arguing dragged on for hours, Todd called his wife to let her know he was okay. Todd finally lost his temper after Britta inadvertently set fire to the turtle he brought. He angrily calls their friendship toxic in nature declaring his disgust at both their actions and how they treated him. The next morning, Todd called Kane letting him know what happened and the professor reprimanded the group.

While Todd was working on his lab assignment in class he overheard the study group blaming all their problems on him and shed a tear ("Competitive Ecology"). Todd was drawn back into the antics of the study group when it appeared that their yam project had been sabotaged. Todd was at the top of the list of suspects questioned by the investigating duo of Troy and Abed. When asked about his alibi the night of the crime, Todd claimed that he was there but the doors were already locked and as proof he showed them a photo he took. It showed the study group's project still intact and a clock which read 8:10 PM. However, further investigation on the matter had Star-Burns refuting the story as he was in the classroom illegally on the evening too. He had unlocked the lab door to steal meth lab equipment and left the room open. He claimed to have heard a jar break and witnessed Todd running out.

Jeff and Annie brought the charges to Professor Kane but Todd's old commanding officer from Iraq, Lt. Colonel Archwood, interrupted them. Archwood began to act as Todd's defense counsel and intimidated Star-Burns into not testifying. In a mock trial in front of the Biology class, Archwood extolled his client's virtues, labeling him an American hero. However, when it was Annie's turn to cross-examine him, she badgered Todd into admitting that he picked up the study group's yam. He claimed he did it only out of curiosity and dropped the yam only because it burned him, not because he wanted to smash it. Todd was later exonerated from wrongdoing when Jeff managed to get the real killer to confess: Neil had poured boiling water into all the yams, with the exception of Vicki's, each night to help her get a better grade in the class. Todd cried out in joy, happy that he was not guilty ("Basic Lupine Urology").

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Todd took part in a demonstration led by the German exchange students inside the library. It was being held in protest of the study group's tendency to hog Group Study Room F. It's revealed he was there waiting to use the study room one time during the group's second year when they were trying to solve the mystery of Annie Edison's missing pen ("Alternative History of the German Invasion"). At the end of the school year, Todd (along with Garrett, Neil, Vicki, Quendra and Leonard) attended Jeff Winger's graduation ceremony in the study room ("Advanced Introduction to Finality").

4X4 Student protest
Todd helps to protest the study group's actions.

Season Six[]

In Season 6, Todd is seen working at Shirley's Sandwiches ("Ladders"). Britta and Rick convince Todd to buy a Honda ("Advanced Safety Features"). Todd participates in the secret paint ball tournament and is eliminiated by Star-Burns ("Modern Espionage"). It's revealed Todd is an ordained minister when he officiated Garret's wedding ceremony to Stacy ("Wedding Videography")". He is one of the new study group members in Jeff's vision of the entire study group having left Greendale ("Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television").

6x12 Main photo
What if I'm God?!

Class history[]

Student Rec
Student Name: Todd Jacobson Major: Enrolled: pre-2010 — present
Semester Course Instructor Enrolled Students
Fall 2011 Biology 101 Prof. Marshall Kane Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Todd Jacobson, Vicki Jenkins, Abed Nadir, Magnitude, Britta Perry, Jeff Winger and  Alex "Star-Burns" Osbourne 
Spring 2012 Biology Prof. Marshall Kane Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne, Todd Jacobson, Vicki Jenkins, Abed Nadir, Magnitude, Britta Perry, Jeff Winger and  Fat Neil 
Home Economics Unnamed professor Todd Jacobson
Weaving with Pine Needles Unnamed professor Todd Jacobson


  • On his uniform, Todd wears the rank of Private E-2, is in the infantry, and is part of the 4th Infantry Division. He also is air-assault qualified, an expert marksman, and appears to have a Good Conduct medal, National Defense Service medal, and a Global War on Terror Expeditionary medal. He does not appear to have the Bronze Star that Lt Col Archwood mentioned he won.
  • Todd is a diabetic.

Todd's medals
Todd's medals.


"Competitive Ecology"

It's not fair that I should be the only one here saddled with a total waste of space loser! No offense, Todd.Pierce
None taken.Todd
What is wrong with you people? Huh? I thought you were supposed to be friends! I thought you were supposed to love each other! Your love is weird. And toxic! And it destroys everything it touches! I no longer care about grades. Or biology. Or finally graduating from college, like I promised my dying father. I'm going home. I'm gonna hold my wife and my child close. And I am gonna finally take my insulin shot! Offense taken! Offense taken.Todd