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First appearance: Aerodynamics of GenderOwned by: JoshuaUsed by: Joshua,Troy,Jeff and Pierce
Purpose: to bring peace and harmony— Made by: unknown   PHOTO ICON

So this is the big secret,huh? The two of you sneak out here and hang out on the big gay trampoline!
— Pierce, "Aerodynamics of Gender".

The trampoline.
The trampoline was an unusual piece of athletic equipment hidden away in a secret garden on the campus of Greendale Community College. Jeff and Troy stumbled across the apparatus along with its mysterious caretaker Joshua. Although it seemed like a normal trampoline it granted peace and serenity to whoever bounced on it. Its first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Aerodynamics of Gender'.


In the study group's second year, Troy and Jeff discover a secret garden containing a trampoline. They soon met a campus groundskeeper who maintained the hidden area named Joshua. He allowed them to bounce but gave them two conditions: that they tell no one about the garden and that only one person at a time bounces. Time appeared to move much slower on the trampoline as they jumped. Eventually they experienced a profound moment Joshua referred to as "The World's Whisper". Troy and Jeff become more serene and relaxed due to their bouncing and begin sneaking off regularly to use the trampoline whenever they got the chance. Their tranquil moods are noticed by the rest of the study group, particularly Pierce who insists on wanting to know what exactly they've been doing to get this relaxed. Using the camera in his remote controlled Draganflyer helicopter toy, he was able to follow them and found out the location of the secret garden.

Bouncy bouncy
A peaceful beginning.
Pierce made his way to the garden and disturbed Jeff and Troy who were in a moment of contemplation. He threatened to expose the location of the garden if they didn't tell him what the secret was behind their recent tranquility. Reluctantly, they told him everything, and after feeling a similar state of bliss, he asked that Troy double bounce with him. Troy refused, but Pierce insisted, reasserting his threat. Troy cried as he joined him, and they both started bouncing. However, the additional power behind the bounces caused Pierce to be sent flying over the hedges of the garden into a dumpster outside of it. He ended up in a wheelchair having broken both legs. Unable to keep it a secret anymore, Joshua was fired, and the secret garden was dismantled. The trampoline itself met a grisly fate when it was destroyed with a chainsaw ("Aerodynamics of Gender").

RIP trampoline
Violent end.


30 seconds on this thing and I already feel...Jeff
Jeff, you've been up there for an hour.Troy
There is something cool about being up here, Jeff. At first, I started jumping but then...Troy
...but then you started bouncing like a baby on the knee of a goddess.Joshua