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Portrayed by: Turtle
First appearance: "Aerodynamics of Gender"
Last appearance: "Competitive Ecology"
Occupation: Pet
Reason for visit: Be used as a prop on the Troy and Abed in the Morning!" show, used in a terrarium by Todd.


These things give you salmonella you know!
Star-Burns, "Aerodynamics of Gender".

Turtle played by a turtle.
During the study group's second year at Greendale, Troy and Abed introduced a turtle on their morning talk show to their viewers at home and their studio audience. An ordinary Painted turtle, its first appearance was in the Season Two episode "Aerodynamics of Gender".

Character history[]

Season Two[]

In the study group's second year at Greendale, Star-Burns was studying for his Economics finals when he was asked to participate in the "Troy and Abed in the Morning!" show. It was being held inside Group Study Room F which acted as a make shift studio. Star-Burns was introduced to the "viewers" touted as an animal expert and owner of the turtle which Troy and Abed referred to as "Shelley". Troy suggested that turtles eat mice but Star-Burns strongly disagrees and is clearly uncomfortable holding the turtle. He believes that such animals are brimming with infectious diseases and is ignored when he complains about being pulled away from his Econ studies to be a part of this.

Star-Burns meets the turtle
Star-Burns meets the turtle.

Season Three[]

During the study group's third year at school together, Todd found the turtle in the bushes outside the library. He planned on using it in his Biology terrarium project with his then Biology lab partner Pierce. Todd and the turtle were both dragged into the study group's argument over who in the group should be paired off as lab partners and who should end up with Todd. While they argue, Todd makes the turtle comfortable inside a makeshift terrarium in a trash can. The discussion takes all night and only ends after Britta uses her lighter to set fire to a list Abed made of the most and least popular members of the group. She threw the flaming paper into the trash can and accidentally almost sets the turtle on fire. Harming the animal was the last straw for Todd who angrily reproached the study group for having wasted his time all night. After calling their friendship twisted he left with the turtle.

Todd finds a turtle
Todd finds a turtle.

Season Four[]

In the study group's fourth year at Greendale, Britta replaced Abed on his and Troy annual ritual of making wishes at the school's wishing fountain. A sign in front of the fountain warned visitors to not feed the turtles.

Don't feed the turtles
Troy and Britta fight in front of the turtle sign.


Painted turtle[]

The turtle featured on the show is a Chrysemys picta or painted turtle. It is the most common turtle in North America. These brightly colored turtles gain their name from colorful markings along the head, neck, and shell. They can be found throughout the continent from Canada, through the United States and to the Gulf of Mexico. The turtles live in permanent freshwater habitats such as ponds, lakes, marshes, sloughs, and creeks. The turtle is the only species of the genus Chrysemys, which is part of the pond turtle family Emydidae.

The Chrsemys picta.