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Portrayed by: ZANGIEF
First appearance: "For A Few Paintballs More"
Department: Community Wiki and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend wiki ADMINISTRATION
Position: ADMINISTRATOR, editor, contributor


Ultimtimateatomicbuster is a huge Community fan who stumbled onto this wikia back in December of 2011. UAB was saddened to see that a site dedicated to such a great show hadn't been updated in months with very little contributions being made. UAB started editing anonymously before finally creating an official account on January 6, 2012. UAB set out to update all the pages and add additional content as well. Another contributor, named Mr.whoman, contacted UAB and suggested that UAB adopt the wiki since there hadn't been any active administrators on the site. UAB formally submitted a request to adopt the wiki in February and was made an administrator soon afterwards. The sites founder, Ohmyn0, saw the work UAB was doing and helped UAB further improve the site adding brand new infoboxes and a new background theme. UAB is proud of all the work done on the site so far but knows that there is still a lot more to do. No article is ever really completed, there will always be revisions, updates, template changes and corrections that need to be made. Plus UAB isn't great at proofreading his own work. UAB managed to contribute on the Community Wiki everyday for four years straight until the streak was broken on January 21, 2016. UAB is also currently working on The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Wikia.

UAB is also a huge wrestling fan.
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To do list for the wiki

On top of episode, character and various other articles I need to finish there are few things I'd like to eventually add to this wiki.

Complete lists:

  • Shut up Leonard jokes
  • Jeff winger speeches

Characters (in no particular order):

  • Gilbert Lawson:Pierce's brother
  • Tiny Pilot: Pierce's drug induced imaginary friend played by Andy Dick
  • Joey: White Abed
  • Jesus: the hitchiker that Britta picked up.
  • Joshua (Changlorious Basterd): Chang's second-in-command
  • Nicole: The dean's receptionist
  • Kim: It can be a man's name too
  • Vinnie: owner of the doppelgang
  • The Hipsters: Gang of grumpy old men
  • Lt. Archwood: Todd's uncle and attorney


  • Library
  • Administrations office
  • Biology lab
  • Antrhopology classroom
  • Spanish classroom
  • Senor Chang's office
  • Professor Duncan's office
  • Dean Pelton's office
  • The Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School Annex
  • Borschatt Hall: the swimming pool
  • Jeff's apartment
  • Abed's dorm room
  • Pillowtown: The rival of Blanketsburg
  • Fluffytown: The original blanket fort
  • Senor Kevin's
  • Hot and Brown: Coffee shop
  • Subway
  • Shirley's Sandwhiches
  • Fort Hawthrone


  • Chicken fingers
  • Hawthorne wipes
  • Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne
  • Painball guns
  • Paintball pistols
  • Dean Pelton's PA system

Favorite pages I wrote

Portrayed by: Tom Konkle
First appearance: For A Few Paintballs More
Home town: A cardboard box in shanty town
Occupation: Unknown, he appears to be unemployed and homeless
Reason for visit: To "Agree to disagree" and be a really lame punchline to a joke

Magnitude is a one man party, and a one man party can't be in an alliance. That's a paradox.Magnitude
I agree to disagree.Paradox
Easy, Paradox, we're on the same side here.Troy

Paradox is presumably a student attending Greendale Community College. Based on just his appearance, he seems to be much older than most of the other students, possibly alcoholic, and maybe homeless as well. His first, and so far only, appearance is in the Season Two season finale episode "For A Few Paintballs More".

Character history

There is none. His first and only appearance was to be the punchline to a joke. His slurred speech as well as his holding and drinking a beer suggests he is possibly an alcoholic. The tattered and dirty clothing he wears may also indicate he is homeless. After he "agrees to disagree" with Magnitude, he doesn't appear in the rest of the episode and has not been seen since. If someone were to mention the word paradox again, he may show up, turning him into a running gag. Until then, his history is fair game...


The man who came to be known as Paradox was originally from an alternate reality where the TV show known as Inspector Spacetime was actually real. All the adventures that were televised had leaked through the dimensional ether and inspired it's creation. The man seen in "For A Few Paintballs More" was once a P.A.R.A.D.O.X. (Protector of Alternate Realities And Dimensions from Otherworldy Xenoforms) agent. His job was to prevent any illegal trans-dimensional incursions. Many times he had assisted Inspector Spacetime on various adventures and was even asked to become an associate at one point. However his duties with the SpaceTime Agency came first, a powerful organization set up at the dawn of time by the being simply known as The Creator. Existing outside of continuity it was tasked with overseeing the flow of time and space and making sure everything was moving in accordance with fate or as The Creator called it "The Grand Design". One of his fellow agents, an esper from the prescience division, warned him that sometime in 2011 a major transdimensional occurrence was going to happen between two parallel earths. Her warning was both cryptic and ominous:

From one comes the six and from the six comes the one who will end creation and throw all of reality into a bedlam of chaos and entropy.

After consulting the Space Chart he narrowed it down to Earth 917200. He uploaded the coordinates of that reality into his Maelstrom Operator, a device used by agents to travel to any point in time, space or reality. With it, agents were able to navigate The Dimensional Ether, a dark matter wall that separated all realities from each other. Before he could take the matter to his superiors, Blorgons invaded the STA headquarters. During the battle with enemy forces a stray eradicator beam hit his Maelstrom Operator inadvertently activating it. The device sent him to Earth 9172009 but the damage destabilized the units matrix. It's temporal circuitry, chronal buffers, and spacial convertors were severely damaged.

With none of the usual safety protocols in place he experienced the transdimensional journey through the Dimensional Ether completely unprotected. His mind and body underwent severe trauma, he emerged from the ether much older physically and with memory loss. To make matters worse, although he safely arrived on Earth 9172009, he was in the wrong time several years before the major transdimensional occurrence was to happen. His Maelstrom Operator and clothes were ruined, the only identifiable remnant of his former life was an STA identity card that barley survived the trip. On it only one word could be clearly made out: PARADOX.