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Vaughn Miller
Vaughn Miller
Portrayed by: Eric Christian Olsen
First appearance: "Social Psychology"
Last appearance: "Pascal's Triangle Revisited"
Date of birth: Unknown
Major: Hacky Sack
Occupation: Lead singer and guitarist of "Some Worries"


Vaughn as portrayed Eric Christian Olsen.
Vaughn Miller was a student at Greendale Community College. He is an avid hacky sack player and musician and is often seen around campus engaging in both activities. Something of a hippie stereotype, he's often barefoot and shirtless with a chill and laid back disposition. A quirk of his is that he has a tendency to greet and say goodbye to people three different ways. He used to date Britta, but it ended badly which led to him writing a break up song about her. He later became interested in Annie, eventually dating her despite initial objections from Jeff and Britta. His first appearance was in the Season One episode "Social Psychology". He is portrayed by Eric Christian Olsen.

Character history[]

Season One[]

In the study group's first year at Greendale, Vaughn was a fixture in the campus grounds often seen playing hacky sack with his friends. On one such occasion he noticed Britta passing by with Jeff and waved to her. Vaughn later had a chat with Britta at the Hot & Brown when Jeff injected himself into the conversation. Vaughn lectured him about the benefits of Green tea versus coffee. Afterwards, Vaughn and Britta were making out on the campus lawn where they were caught by Jeff and Shirley. At Britta's insistence, Vaughn had lunch with her and Jeff in the cafeteria. She left so they could get to know each other better and Vaughn discussed his volunteer work at an old age home where he organized games of ultimate frisbee

Vaughn waves
Vaughn makes his first appearance.
Shirley showed up and tricked Vaughn into removing his shirt and proceeded to mock the size of his nipples behind his back much to Jeff's amusement. Some time later, Vaughn poured his heart out to Britta in a poem he wrote for her. Sometime later he accompanied Britta to her study group meeting. He was humiliated when he found them all laughing at a copy of his love poem. Furious at her perceived betrayal, Vaughn immediately broke up with Britta. Afterwards he went to the campus quad and ran into his friends playing Hacky sack. He apologized when he failed to intercept a pass one of them sent his way. His friend repeated his personal motto of "No worries" in response only for Vaughn to correct him and tell him there are "Some worries"("Social Psychology").

There are some worries
There are some worries man...some worries.
Vaughn ignored Brittas attempts to remain friends and channeled his depression over the breakup into his music. He formed a band called "Some Worries" which included Pierce Hawthorne and wrote a song called "Gettin' Rid of Britta". They performed it in the Student lounge and it became an instant hit on campus. Upset by her negative portrayal in the song, Britta confronted Vaughn during his bands practice in the music room. However, her objections are the least of Vaughn's concerns when he and Pierce have an argument over the writing credits for the song. Vaughn fired Pierce from the band and rewrote the song with another student named MC Dan Harmon into "Pierce You Are A B". He and his remaining band performed it at the "A Night Under The Stars" music festival on the campus quad. Afterwards, Vaughn discovered Pierce collaborating with M.C. on a rap response to his song furthering the animosity between them ("Home Economics").

No Worries portrait
"Getting rid of Britta was the hardest thing to do..."
Later in the school year, Vaughn starts taking a romantic interest in Annie Edison who reciprocates the attraction. Britta is bothered by the relationship and teams up with Jeff to break the two of them up. Vaughn is devastated by the results of Jeff and Britta’s scheming when he comes across Troy flirting with Annie. Despite Annie’s protestations that she’s over Troy, Vaughn remembers how humiliated he was by the study group previously and breaks up with her. Because a similar thing happened when he asked about Britta's feelings towards Jeff, Vaughn declares that their study group is evil and storms off.

Annie Vaughn
Doesn't this just make you sick?
Annie rushes to the library and tells Britta and Jeff how super cool and mature they are for getting involved in her love life, adding that since they're idiots, she should let them know she's being sarcastic, making them feel bad. Britta reveals that she didn't want Annie to date Vaughn because he was mean to her, and that Jeff is probably jealous that Vaughn was kissing his debate/make-out partner. Vaughn later meets Annie and the study group just outside of the study room building. When asked if he received Annie's voice messages, he says that he threw his phone into the river. Vaughn explains that if he couldn't call Annie and be with her, he didn't see a reason to have a phone. He then sings her "Annie's Song," a song that he wrote about her. Britta tells Annie that she doesn't care if she dates Vaughn, and she'd actually prefer it. Annie agrees and runs to hug Vaughn ("Romantic Expressionism"). They later break up off screen due to his transferring out of state ("Pascal's Triangle Revisited").

Vaughn serenades Annie
Vaughn plays guitar, not football


  • He has an unnamed sister, whose number he lost after throwing his phone in a river.
  • Drinks green tea instead of coffee.
  • Characters recurringly refer to him as having small nipples.
  • Plays ultimate frisbee at the Senior's Center that he volunteers at.
  • In the Season Two episode "Anthropology 101", Vaughn is briefly mentioned by Britta when she accused Annie of trying to steal all of her boyfriends.