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CODENAME: Vice Cobra   Assistant Commander
Vice Cobra Assistant Commander
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NAME: Craig Pelton    RANK: COBRA™ Officer

Craig Pelton was a former college administrator and educator who gave up his life of academia to join the evil forces of COBRA™!

Vice Cobra Assistant Commander, we've been infiltrated by Joes!Overkill


Cobra Commander, it's Vice Cobra Assistant Commander! We just got a very interesting power surge at the Greendale site!
— Vice Cobra Assistant Commander

Vice Cobra Assistant Commander full
Vice Cobra Assistant Commander.
Vice Cobra Assistant Commander was Jeff Winger's reimagining of Craig Pelton. He existed in a "G.I.JOE™" themed reality dreamt up by Jeff when he fell into a coma. More of an administrator than an actual military officer, the VCAC was tasked with overseeing the excavation of a mysterious COBRA™ discovery. Vice Cobra Assistant Commander's first appearance was in the Season Five episode "G.I. Jeff". He is voiced by actor/comedian Jim Rash.

Character history[]

Vice Cobra Assistant Commander was the commanding officer in charge of a COBRA™ secret excavation site codenamed "Greendale". The buried structure resembled a school building and was filled with mysterious artifacts. They hinted at another reality and emitted unusual energy readings. Vice Commander sent multiple communiques to his boss but this it took awhile until he got an answer. Cobra Commander told his assistant he didn't care about the findings as he was busy delivering the eulogy at Destro's funeral. Vice Cobra Assistant Commander was shocked as dying was something unheard of. He asked if the two of them were close which caused Cobra Commander to very loudly and publicly declare his love for his recently departed friend.

5x11 Vice Cobra Assistant Commander1
Vice Cobra Assistant Commander has news.
Sometime later, Xim Xam and Major Dick confronted Vice Cobra Assistant Commander about giving them additional hazard pay. With dying now a possibility they felt that they should be paid more for their efforts. The Assistant Commander denied their request and told them that their pay would actually be reduced now. The interest rates on their insurance has gone up requiring more deductions from their pay checks. Overkill interrupted their conversation to inform them that G.I.JOE™ intruders had infiltrated the base. A nervous Vice Cobra Assistant Commander ordered his three officers to engage the intruders. He then used the Public address system to alert the rest of his troops to the enemy and also reminded them about the upcoming fun run.

5x11 Vice Cobra Assistant Commander 2
Vice Cobra Assistant Commander meets with
Xim Xam and Major Dick.
His troops were unsuccessful in stopping them and the Joes made their way to a study room area. The squad leader Wingman then realized he was actually Jeff Winger and that this was all a fantasy he created. While Jeff struggled to figure things out, an armed Vice Cobra Assistant Commander got the drop on them. Wingman recognized who he was and called him "Craig". The COBRA™ officer then reverted to his real world personality Dean Pelton and his fear turned into concern. When he asked Jeff if he was okay, the counterpart to Abed Nadir told him he probably wasn't since he had imagined something this cool. Before they could talk further, the United forces of G.I.JOE™ and COBRA™ bursted into the room and took Vice Cobra Assistant Commander and Wingman's squad into custody ("G.I. Jeff").

5x11 Vice Cobra Assistant Commander 3
Vice Cobra Assistant Commander's got a gun.


Vice Cobra Assistant Commander borrows his look from Cobra Commander sans the reflective faceplate in the helmet. Originally in pre-production of the episode Destro was one of the characters they had considered him to be an homage of.