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My thoughts are collected by this box; everything I know about my friends is stored here. Both are distilled by logic and then recombined into objective observation.

The group is in the study room trying to cram for their Biology finals. Annie notices a moment between Britta and Troy as they are somewhat awkward around each other. Dean Pelton arrives in his latest costume and tells them that the exam has been postponed until tomorrow because Professor Kane is sick. Jeff suggests that they all take a three hour lunch break. Troy and Abed were planning on going to the Dreamatorium until Annie manipulates Troy and Britta into having lunch together at Señor Kevin's. In order to give the two more time alone, she asks to take Troy's place playing with Abed inside the Dreamatorium. The Dean then returns and admits he went too far with his outfit this time. Later in the Dreamatorium, Annie and Abed are playing Inspector Spacetime.

The Dean outdoes himself
The Dean outdoes himself.
Abed becomes annoyed at Annie's attempt at a British accent and ends the game. Annie realizes that he's angry at her for playing matchmaker with Troy and Britta. Abed responds that he's mad at her for tampering with the fabric of the group. He claims that he's considered the possibility of Troy and Britta getting together from every angle, and she hasn't. He goes on to explain how the Dreamatorium isn't just a play room but also a way to simulate any possible scenario; he demonstrates this capability by acting out Troy and Britta's lunch date. Annie dismisses his portrayals as mere impersonations, prompting Abed to reveal the "engine" of the Dreamatorium. Located inside an adjacent closet, it is a cardboard "machine" which focuses Abed's thoughts. By using it, he combines his knowledge of his friends with logic to create objective observations.

The Dreamatorium at work
The Dreamatorium at work.
When Annie says how ridiculous it is, Abed arrogantly replies that it's too complex for her to comprehend. Annie then receives a call from Troy on her cell phone wanting to know if Abed is okay. This further exasperates Annie who believes that Abed is being coddled too much. Another condescending remark from Abed pushes Annie to angrily rearrange the design of the Dreamatoriums "engine". Abed goes catatonic for a few minutes before starting a new simulation based on late night soap operas. The setting is "Greendale Hospital School", and Abed is role playing as Jeff who is playing the part of a doctor. Abed casts Annie as the love interest, the hospital administrator. She plays along to find the "real" Abed, who is missing. Annie has "Jeff" take her to see "Dr. Barnes" and "Dr. Perry" to help her search. After Annie injects "Dr. Barnes" with truth serum, he spills a possible lead.

VSA Greendale Hospital School
New Dreamatorium location:
Greendale Hospital School.
Annie and "Jeff" then go to the "Medical Study Room" for Abed's file. There, they find "Head Nurse Shirley" and "Alzheimer's Patient Pierce Hawthorne". "Shirley" tells Annie that Abed's gone because "nobody needs him". Annie gets "Jeff" to get the files by saying she'll sleep with him. The files reveal Abed is a patient which makes Annie demand Jeff take her where she wants to go. "Jeff" takes her back the end of their freshman year at Greendale on the night of The Tranny Dance. Having had enough, Annie tries to pretend that the files read that Abed is okay again. "Jeff" denies this by reading Abed's file which states he is a control freak with no empathy, and that people indulge him too much. "Jeff" then tries to hit on Annie, claiming that they can be together now that Abed, Troy, and Britta out of the way. Annie angrily storms off, only to hit the wall of the Dreamatorium and end the simulation.

VSA I dont want to play anymore
Hitting the wall.
Annie tells Abed she wants to be alone, and he complies with her request by role playing as Annie. "Annie" questions why Annie keeps refusing "Jeff" who they love. Annie explains that what Abed is presenting, running the same scenarios repeatedly, isn't love but an obsession, prompting her to admit that she displays similar tendencies when it comes to Jeff. When "Annie" teases Annie about sounding like Abed, Annie is inspired to role play as Abed, which causes "Chang" to show up. He takes her to the real Abed who is imprisoned inside a locker. Abed explains this is where he spent a lot of time in junior high. He says that this is where people like him get put when everyone is fed up with them. Abed reveals he has repeatedly run the simulations, and he never amounts to anything.

VSA Finding the real Abed
Finding the real Abed.
She counters that his simulations are like science fiction: great stories but not accurate. They are merely his fears of being alone. Having those feelings is made easier by realizing everyone else in the world shares the same anxieties. Annie frees Abed from his fake shackles, and they simulate a dramatic ending featuring Blorgons. Later, the study group returns to the study room from their lunches. Everyone tried something different and had pleasant day. Troy apologizes to Abed for bailing on the Dreamatorium. Abed says it's okay and that Annie acquitted herself well in there. Dean Pelton shows up and says the people at the bank loved his outfit.

VSA Blorgons attack
Blorgon attack!

End tag[]

An episode of Troy and Abed in the Morning! featuring Annie giving interior design tips is shown. Annie reveals that she remade the Blanket Fort Room where Troy and Abed sleep, initiating another nervous breakdown for Abed.

Recurring themes[]


Continuity lists
Recurring or debuting plot points in this episode:
Recurring or debuting characters in this episode:
Recurring or debuting places in this episode:
Recurring or debuting items in this episode:

Running gags[]

List of Running gags
Recurring or debuting running gags in this episode:
  • Bag-ul: Annie mispronounces The Inspector's Quantum Spanner as a "Quantum Spammer", and also refers to Blorgons as "Blogons". Britta refers to micronized flour as "microfinanced flour'"
  • Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?: Jeff suggests they use their suddenly open schedule to take a "Three hour lunch? Three hour lunch? Three hour lunch?"
  • Butt stuff: Under the influence of truth serum, Troy, played by Abed, admits that he likes butt stuff.
  • Come sail away!: Troy cries while revealing his many secrets, which include crying during the soundtrack to "About a Boy".
  • Deanotation: Dean Pelton introduces his outfit as "the Duali-Dean of Man".
  • I'm Batman!: Abed takes on a total of nine different personas in this episode. Most are members of the study group including Chang, the Señor Kevin's manager and the Inspector. Annie finds only one of them attractive: Jeff the Surgeon.
  • Nice outfit: Dean Pelton even admits he went too far wearing a costume split down the middle, featuring one half wearing female makeup and clothing and the other half wearing male clothing. However, the people at the bank unexpectedly love it.
  • Troy and Abed in the Morning!: Filmed in their apartment, an episode is shown with Annie as the guest.

Pop culture references[]

List of Pop culture references
    • The manager of Señor Kevin dislikes the film Die Hard.
    • Annie compares Abed's scenarios to science fiction like the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
    • According to Abed, Troy doesn't understand Inception and cries to the soundtrack to About a Boy.
    • Annie mentions Star Wars and Zardoz when imitating Abed.
    • Troy and Britta share a long look as Britta says "definitely maybe that's why." This is likely a reference to the popular 2008 romantic comedy film "Definitely Maybe"
  • Shout out:
    • Also according to Abed, Troy thinks Clive Owen is attractive and uses Hitler comparisons to win Internet arguments. In Season 5 in the episode Repilot Troy admits he has a Clive Owen tumblr.
    • Annie feels that the world over-validated Carson Daly.
  • TV Guide: Annie also mentions Cougar Town.
  • Use your allusion: Abed lets it slide when Annie mixes in some Star Trek tropes while playing Inspector Spacetime.

Meta references[]

List of Meta references
Meta references in this episode:
  • Homage: The Doctor Who homage Inspector Spacetime is featured again.
  • IRL:
    • Abed's "patient number" is 1-3-73, which is series creator Dan Harmon's birthday.
    • A close up shot of Abed's medical records shows his attending physician is a Dr. "S. Gagossian". This a reference to Shoghig Gagossian, a production assistant for "Community's" Art department.
  • Parody: The hospital in the simulation is a nod to hospital dramas like ER and Grey's Anatomy.
  • Résumé: Annie uses an atrocious exaggerated British accent while role-playing as "Geneva". In the 2012 film The Five-Year Engagement, Alison Brie costars alongside Emily Blunt as her sister who has a less extreme British accent.


Can I be perfectly honest with you guys? I think I went to far with this one. I have to go to the bank today. What am I supposed to tell people in line? I had good news and bad news? Come on, Craig. Get your life together.Dean Pelton
I love butt stuff, I hate spiders, I stole a pen from the bank, I cried during About a Boy...the soundtrack. I don't wash my hands before surgery. I can see why women find Clive Owen attractive to the point where I might just as well be attracted to him. I use comparisons to Hitler to win arguments on the Internet at the drop of a hat. I know nothing about wine. I'm more turned on by women in pajamas than lingerie; I just wanna know they feel comfortable. I didn't get Inception. I didn't get Inception! There's so many layers!Troy, played by Abed.
Star Wars, Zardoz, Cougar Town. Cool, cool, cool. Pop culture, pop culture. I'm on a TV show. Meta, meta.Abed, played by Annie.
The scenarios you run in here are like... great science fiction. They're impressive and detailed and insightful but they're not accurate for crap. Science fiction never has been. Look at 2001. Did we have a space odyssey? No, we got snowboarding in the Olympics and we over-validated Carson Daly.Annie
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7. "Studies in Modern Movement"
8. "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux"
9. "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism"
10. "Regional Holiday Music"
11. "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts"

12. "Contemporary Impressionists"
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15. "Origins of Vampire Mythology"
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