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5x06-Waldron headshot
Portrayed by: Robert Patrick
First appearance: "Analysis of Cork-based Networking"
Date of birth: November 5, 1958
Department: Parking
Position: Head of Parking


You can take the books off your head because we're done posturing. You want me to talk turkey, well, gobble gobble. I want ride shares gone.
— Waldron, "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking".

S05E06-Waldron head shot
Waldron portrayed by Robert Patrick.
Waldron is the Head of Parking at Greendale Community College. He is a power-hungry bureaucrat who resented the effect carpools had on his department. Waldron attempted to correct this by making a deal with the Save Greendale Committee members Annie Edison and Professor Hickey. His first appearance was in the Season Five episode "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking". He is portrayed by actor Robert Patrick.

Character history[]

In their quest to get a bulletin board replaced before the Midterm Dance, Annie and Professor Hickey went to Waldron for a favor. Debra Chambers, of the IT Department, wanted a better parking spot in exchange for lifting the porn filter on the custodians' computer so that they, in turn, would rehang the bulletin board. Waldron initially seemed amicable to their cause but they soon realized that he wanted something in return. Waldron explained that carpools lessened the need for parking spots which diminished his power among the departments. In exchange for arranging a new parking spot for Chambers, he demanded to be put in charge of all bulletin boards so that he could keep them free of ride shares. Annie initially agreed but as Dean Pelton was about to sign the position into effect, Hickey revealed Waldron's motives and Pelton tore up the document.

5x06-Waldron Hickey Annie deal
A deal with the devil.