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X-7 Dimensionizer

  X-7 Dimensionizer  
First appearance: "Biology 101" — Owned by: Inspector SpacetimeUsed by: The Inspector, various Constables
Purpose: Vehicle used to travel through space and time— Made by: Unknown   PHOTO ICON

I am Inspector Spacetime and I know that which is unknown. Duty-bound to protect a universe of unremarkables, I patrol it in the X-7 Dimensionizer with my loyal Constable Reggie.
Abed as Inspector Spacetime, "Virtual Systems Analysis".

The X-7 Dimensionizer.
The X-7 Dimensionizer is the transport used by the Inspector to travel throughout space and time. It resembles the Red telephone boxes found in the United Kingdom. Despite its seemingly cramped design it can comfortably accommodate at least two people. Although the Inspector has used other vehicles such as the HMS Spacetime 12, he is most associated with the X-7 Dimensionizer and it has become a symbol of the show itself. Its first appearance on "Community" was in the Season Three episode "Biology 101".


Season Three[]

"Biology 101" - Debut: {{{first}}}
X-7 first appearance

Abed watches the show for the first time and sees Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie arriving in the X-7 Dimensionizer on an alien world where they are attacked by Blorgons.
"Advanced Gay" - Debut: {{{first}}}
X-7 Troy and Abed

In the episode end tag, Troy and Abed pretend they are the Inspector and Reggie and have travelled to a strange planet with the X-7.
"Regional Holiday Music" - Debut: {{{first}}}
X-7 Christmas

Abed watches the infamous "The Inspector Spacetime Christmas Special" where The Inspector gives Reggie a Christmas gift in front of the X-7.
"Virtual Systems Analysis" - Debut: {{{first}}}
Inspector Spacetime X-7 Dimensionizer

The X-7 appears briefly as Abed narrates his adventures as the Inspector while inside the Dreamatorium

Season Four[]

"Conventions of Space and Time" - Debut: {{{first}}}
X-7 convention replicas

Various replicas of the X-7 are seen at the "InSpecTiCon". Abed is later trapped in one of them by a fellow "Inspector Spacetime" fan he met online called Toby Weeks.



The X-7 Dimensionizer is of course an homage to the Doctor's own time and space vehicle from Doctor Who, the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). Unlike the TARDIS, the X-7 is not bigger on the inside.